Guest House Helios

by Ryan Jeffery


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This film project began as my diploma film for graduate school at the California Institute of the Arts.  As I had hoped, the project has grown into something more since I completed my degree.  Now I am seeking financial assistance to finish this project.   While studying for a year at the University of the Arts in Berlin I spent six weeks imbedded within the Guest House Helios hotel in Mali Lošinj, Croatia, filming every aspect of its guest's and employee's daily life.  After filming was completed I took the project to the University of Arts in Berlin where I began the edit and subsequently back to my graduate program in California where I completed it.

The film follows the day-to-day operations of the hotel, documenting both the guests and the employees.  This entails the cleaning of the rooms, the kitchen and dining hall, the book keeping and administrative staff, as well as the provided activities and entertainment.  Some guests have been coming to the hotel every summer since its construction in 1963.  Located off the Istria Peninsula on the island of Lošinj, the region's relationship to hospitality and leisure dates as early as the Roman Empire.  Over the past century Lošinj has remained a destination for health and leisure through a complex history of the Austrian Monarchy, the fascism of Italian and German influence, Yugoslavian communism, and now neoliberal capitalism.  The seemingly common gestures of this hotel’s day-to-day activities illustrate the quandary tourism offers to cultural identity as it relies on cultural particularities while simultaneously threatening them.

This project is nearly finished, I have completed filming and editing and now require the cost of professional technicians to help me take this project to the final level.  I am asking for financial assistance to pay for the color grading process and final sound mix for a proper screening format for festivals theaters and potentially broadcast.  Additionally I must pay a translator for the official translation of the subtitles into English from Croatian, Italian, and Slovenian. 

The technical aspects of the filmmaking process is in a constant state of flux that continually reveals new costs even after you believe that you have completed the core work.  Your financial support will allow me to finish the post production process and with continued  support will help to facilitate its further distribution.  This film has been a labor of love that began with my graduate degree but it is now time for me to take it beyond my scholastic career and into the next phase of my filmmaking practice.  Thank you for your support. 


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