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This project was successfully funded on January 15, 2015

Gravity From Above: The Second Investigation

by Byrne Power


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Welcome back to the second round of fundraising for the documentary GRAVITY FROM ABOVE: A Journey Through European Puppetry, an introductory exploration of the largely unknown world of European puppet theatres, its art, history and meaning for the hyper-mediated world of the 21st Century. (See note below for part 1)

First a reminder: There are no serious documentaries on puppetry! None covering the breadth and scope of what the art of puppetry can mean. The point of GRAVITY FROM ABOVE is to unveil that largely hidden world and to wonder aloud what the meaning of puppetry might be for this over-mediated 21st Century.

Next the good news: GRAVITY FROM ABOVE is already underway! With the help of Hatchfund (formerly USA Projects) we raised enough to get us back to Europe to interview many puppeteers, puppet filmmakers, carvers, theatre directors, historians, theoreticians, students and other performers. It was a good beginning. (Watch the video and further Updates for more specifics.) We have been seeking certain avenues of funding since then. But there have been delays. We can no longer wait to get back for another round of interviews and filming. Promises were made to future interviewees that we need to honor. And we need to keep our momentum flowing. We aren't getting any younger.

In other words without funds we are stalled in the middle of a much needed and fascinating project. If you know anything about filmmaking you will know that the amount we are seeking isn't going to finish the project. There is much more to achieve. We need a professional crew to shoot the actual performances. We need to pay for rights for the use of many puppet films. We need to commission music. We need professional editing. Plus there are endless travel costs. (In other words any generosity above and beyond the total will absolutely be crucial in the end.) BUT if we raise these funds we can go back for another series of interviews (and a few retakes).

Our specific goal with this particular round of fundraising is as follows:

1. Get back to Europe for two months to reconnect in many different ways.

2. Interview Nicolas Géal from the Toone Marionette Theatre (Le Théâtre Royal de Toone founded in 1830) in Brussels, Belgium. And also the Royal Theatre Peruchet.

3. Interview historians and performers of Guignol puppets in Lyon, France.

4. Go back to Prague in the Czech Republic for more research and interviews

5. Go to Tbilisi, Georgia, on the fringe of Europe, to visit the Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

6. Go back to Wrocław, Poland and spend more with Jakub Krofta.

7. Go back to ESNAM (International Puppet School) in France for time with the students.

8. Of course, more time in Paris. And Switzerland needs a bit of investigating.

9. And crucially get back to London for a serious interview with the Brothers Quay.

10. Other things will come up! And there is editing!

So that's where the money is going. And without your help. We will simply be sitting on our thumbs for another nine months. You've helped make the first part work perfectly. Do help us to get over the next hurdle.

To follow our progress go to our site GRAVITY FROM ABOVE, sign up for bulletins, click 'Like', share our updates. Even if you are financially strapped you can do that. But if you have extra coffee money, can afford to give more, have friends with deeper pockets who need a worthy tax deduction. Then come along. And my dear foreign friends and supporters don't need to feel shy either. Electronic money circles the globe.


For a full summary of the project please see our first project description...

And we have a Facebook page. Join that too!

Thanks for reading, thinking and especially supporting this project

From Haines Alaska

Byrne Power

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