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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2017

Grace and Truth

by Lisa Folino


The antipasto “before the meal”

Who knew that time could be the main component for Art?

An accident occurred in my studio that caused what I thought to be severe damage to several shots I had taken. I threw them out, but retrieved them the next day and put them away. Several years later, time...had made them even better than I could possibly have imagined… WHO KNEW..! All of my work reflects my fascination with the meaning of time, it's passage, and my desire to transcend time through my work.  To me, art is like cooking an amazing meal. The ingredients, the time, the patience and the knowledge of the medium being used all combined to create something magical.

La Biennale di Venezia, “The Venice Biennale in Venice Italy; it has been a lifelong dream of mine to exhibit in the oldest and most prestigious art fair in the world.  Being of Italian ancestry on both sides of my family also had a little to do with this dream as well!

As fate would intervene, last month I received an email from The European Cultural Center/ GAA, Global Art Affairs Foundation requesting my participation in the 2017 Venice Biennale, Venice Italy”

As you can assume my immediate answer was an enthusiastic, si, si, YES!


The primo “first course”

The theme of this years 2017 Biennale: “Personal Structures encompasses the themes of Time, Space, and Existence.  I could not have asked for the stars to align anymore!

My work in this exhibition will be printed as big approximately six feet by five feet in size floating on the wall. There will also be an animated film loop of my entire body of work playing on a sixty-inch monitor.



These images are created using Polaroid type 55 film with a 4x5 inch view camera. After the Image is exposed I use the positive as my canvas. The first stage is a multi-liquid multi-level process which is then applied to the positive. The Chemical process alters the image through the exposure of light and time. The positive is then scanned and re-scanned during different stages of transformation. Hence a new light/chemical painting emerges from the original exposure. Like fossils unearthed during an archeological dig, the Polaroid's are fragmented and degraded. The photographic image, first altered with liquids in the initial creative process, now fades away to create a new landscape. The integral component in the changing evolution of these images is time itself. My desire was to create imagery that transcends time while also trying to convey its passage. These photographs like the moving image will continue to change as the past makes its way into the future.


Dolce “The Desert”

My budget is $15,000, my first thoughts were “Mama Mia,” and then I rolled up my sleeves, put on my Italian Grandfather’s apron and started “cooking.”  

All of the funds raised here will go directly towards all costs related to my exhibition in the Venice Biennale 2017. The printing, the framing of the work, the sixty-inch monitor to display the complete body of work, the international shipping “molto expensive” the installation of the art, my travel expenses to the opening of the Biennale, as well as the money needed to produce the video here on Hatchfund.

Exhibits in the Biennale reach over 300,000 people over a six-month period of time.  My participation in the Biennale opens the opportunity to expand my cultural reach globally.

An exhibition of this size and scale is way beyond my financial means, therefore I am inviting you to join me on my journey to Venice. I will offer images, prints, and catalogs.

Support levels start at $10 to $8,000 for one very special sponsor. All support is tax deductible.

Art Patron Sponsorship available for one: $8,000 Includes the following

51X39 inch limited edition archival print

Your name, company, website, and logo on all press releases and inclusion in all of my life and taped press interviews

Your name, company, website, and logo on all of my social media platforms.

Your name, company, website link, and logo on a dedicated page on my website

You will also receive a charitable receipt that is Tax deductible


What if the “Dolce” is more than I can eat? What if I reach beyond my goal?

If I reach my “Stretch Goal” of $15,000, I will purchase a quality art printer that will allow me to offer additional prints here on Hatchfund to you, my donors, regardless of your donation level.


“Every time we remember to say “thank you”, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.”~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Grazie “ A very heartfelt thank you” I am deeply grateful for you taking the time to help fund my campaign.  This is a lifelong dream of mine.  Contributions come in many forms. From financial to sharing my campaign on your social network sites. Any type of contribution will be graciously accepted.

Unlike many other crowdfunding platforms, Hatchfund is committed to helping artists and the arts. They are a 501c3 Non-profit organization. In addition to your support, you will receive a charitable tax deductible receipt immediately from Hatchfund.

Now how sweet is this?


Please join me on this incredible journey, donate today.

100% of your money goes directly to help fund me “the artist”, and is Tax deductible

To learn more about the Biennale:


To see an animated video of the complete portfolio please visit:

For more information please contact:  Elise DuFour  


P: 510.246.0937