Golden Golden

by Erica Cho


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Golden Golden is a queer experimental short film about two broke community college students who visit a Filipina psychic known for her conjoined crystal balls. As Naoko and Lupe gaze into the magic orbs, each is confronted with their own set of transgender desires.

I am seeking funds to make this film happen. We have shot one-third of the film, but need to raise a minimum amount of $9600 to complete the rest. We will be shooting the final scenes in Los Angeles in January and March of 2013. The funds would go toward equipment rental, crew stipends, equipment and liability insurance, props & costumes, music licensing, and the rental of a Metro transit bus for one important scene. We would apply any extra funds toward post-production (color correction, sound design, sound mix) and travel costs.  

Golden Golden brings together two main themes in my artistic practice: explorations of queer sexuality, and magic and ritual as a form of art and healing. Since 2009 I have given personalized tarot readings to artists, queer folk, and the general public; the character of the psychic in Golden Golden reflects the principles of play, compassion, and human connection at work in my ongoing tarot practice. The film also celebrates queer imagination and longing across generations and communities of color. The characters are inspired by the lives of the real Angelenos who play them—beautiful, talented non-actors who represent the amazing and vibrant cultures of LGBTQ people of color so rarely represented on screen in a nuanced fashion.

Experimental in form, Golden Golden challenges traditional modes of documentary realism and narrative film. For two central scenes, I have designed fantasy sequences that combine live action and found footage animation. I will also design a unique soundscape that includes  the noise of urban Los Angeles, the voices of its animal wildlife, and the music of Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole.

With your help, I can complete Golden Golden and go on to screen it at galleries, museums, and film festivals around the world. Thank you for supporting my queer experimental film and all the communities behind it!

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