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  • Posted September 26, 2012
    Our last week... are you in? Your perks are ready to be printed!
  • Posted September 06, 2012
    Author: Shuli Sadé
    Credits: Shuli Sadé
    We are thrilled to announce our new book Reconfiguring Memory. The book documents my recent collaboration with Neurobiologist André A Fenton Ph.D. at NYU We are looking forward to your support of our Ghosts in the Machinery project!
  • Posted August 22, 2012
    Good news everyone, we have a new perk to share with you, looking forward for your feedback and donations!
  • Posted August 18, 2012
    We learned that the New Museum opened an exhibition titled Ghosts in the Machines.. close enough? We know! We wish they would consult with us... but none of us knew about the other.
    Though we do not mind if you support the New Museum, we still need your help to move our project ahead. Thank you for your continuous support
  • Posted August 13, 2012
    Author: Shuli Sadé
    Credits: Shuli Sadé
    Currently Event Space manuscript includes illustrations, however, it is Professor Hanna's primary intention to work with contemporary artist and architectural photographer Shuli Sadé to create strong ambient images of the sites. This will provide a visual text that captures the performative qualities of the historic theatres, and will complete a body of work for the exhibition
  • Posted August 07, 2012
    Author: Shuli Sadé
    Credits: Shuli Sadé

    We are truly excited to hear from you
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    Thank you!

    Team of Ghosts in the Machinery
  • Posted August 03, 2012
    Well its Friday, only 53 more days left, time is running too fast!

    Before you head out to enjoy a lovely summer weekend, we are looking forward to your feedback and donation

    Happy weekend!

    Team of Ghosts in the Machinery
  • Posted August 01, 2012
    We are so excited!

    We've got 55 days to the deadline, we need 15,000.00 to start the project, and we received 500 to make us feel loved today, thank you everyone!

    Please join us, check out our project
  • Posted July 31, 2012
    Studio 360 Blog had just published an essay about my latest project, written by Cassandra Willyard, See:
  • Posted July 30, 2012
    Author: Shuli Sadé
    Credits: Shuli Sadé
    Welcome to Ghosts in the Machinery photo project!
    See Perk#1