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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2018

Ghost Tree Dance, Short Film: Requiem for Debbie's Shirt

by Tate Glover



The Fundraiser

Ghost Tree Dance is fundraising for the production of our short dance film "Requiem for Debbie's Shirt." This will be our first film with a budget, which will propel our work reach the next level. We are passionate about making sure that we pay our dancers, which is what the majority of our funds will go towards. We also need money to pay our crew, rent rehearsal space, submit to film festivals, and for other general production costs. 

The Project 

"Requiem for Debbie’s Shirt" is a screendance that explores the concepts of time, rhythm, and death. Choreographed and produced by Ghost Tree Dance, the piece is inspired by belongings left behind by the dead, but has jumped to the abstract, creating a world where the eerie is permeable and the mind is open. "Requiem" is grounded in Tate Glover’s methodical, creeping movement while probing the line between complex and pedestrian. This intertwines with Keila Hamed’s quick, airy flow and inclination for travel and discomfort. The finished product is expected to be around 5 minutes. 

Timeline, Logistics & Collaborators

While fundraising, we will hold auditions in April. Depending on how much money we are able to raise, we will be hiring between 3-6 dancers. We will rehearse April/May and then film in June. If we are able to meet our stretch goals we will hire a cinematographer, otherwise filming will be handled by Tate Glover, who has film experience. In short, the more we are able to raise, the more people we will be able to work with and the better the final product will be! 

Ghost Tree Dance's Mission Statement 

We aim to share our love of art and movement while empowering ourselves and other artists. We seek to collaborate, to learn from others and share our perspective. As entrepreneurs we strive to do what we love and support ourselves financially while providing that same opportunity to our dancers and crew. With a wholistic view of the work, we ensure a safe and open creative environment.  

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