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This project was successfully funded on December 2, 2016

Ghost Ensemble 2016 Commissions & Concert

by Ghost Ensemble


Over the course of the past year, Ghost Ensemble’s 2016 commissioning project has developed five new works written for the ensemble by emerging composers of consistently original, exciting music. The project will culminate in an evening of world premiere performances on December 15 at Invisible Dog Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the Indexical festival alongside events with Experimental Music Yearbook and the Happy Valley Band. 

Ghost Ensemble, Indexical, and these five composers began developing this project with a performance in October 2015, continued it with a workshop in April 2016, and have continued to correspond as the pieces develop. The ensemble and composers are finally ready to put the finishing touches on these pieces, and we need your help to allow us to dedicate a full week to rehearsing this unique music.

Since its inception in 2012, Ghost Ensemble has dedicated itself to long-term study of experimental music with a focus on new perceptual perspectives that explore the experience of listening. The group has extensively explored the Deep Listening philosophy of Pauline Oliveros, collaborating with the composer to inaugurate the release of her Anthology of Text Scores at Eyebeam in 2013, and has previously premiered new works written for the ensemble by John Rot, Leonie Roessler, Kyle Gann, Lucie Vítkova, Sky Macklay, and Somna M Bulist. Ghost Ensemble’s performance techniques realize fragile, liminal sounds, produced by virtuosic performers who are experts on their instruments. These practices can only be realized through long-term collaborations between composers and performers. Tax-deductible donations to Ghost Ensemble’s commissioning project support a crucial stage of this long-term relationship between composers and performers, and help to shape its future.

We’re excited to be working with five innovative rising composers at the forefront of experimental music. Teodora Stepancic’s works speak in the hushed voice of the outsider; do not try to draw attention; stress generosity, attentiveness, intimacy, spirit, and focus. Kristina Wolfe studies how music helps listeners perceive invisible aspects of the world and the shadows of other times, also incorporating resonance, ritualistic controllers, spectral techniques, medievalism, Deep Listening, and lutherie. Elizabeth Adams’s work critiques or models social dynamics, varieties of agency, or exchanges of power. Andrew C Smith’s music often involves just intonation tunings, repetition, and connections with language. Ben Richter’s works combine subtly shifting timbres and sliding microtonal fluctuations to create atmospheres of constant transformation and sonic spaces outside of time.

Our budget includes $4,000 for artistic fees and production expenses, $1,000 for post-production documentation, and $2,000 in administrative costs and organizational development expenses that will allow us to plan future events to develop these pieces to the next level into full recording projects. If your contributions move us past our $7,000 goal, you’ll help us shape exciting new events for the 2017 season!

Thank you so much for your support!

    • November 29, 2016 Ghost Ensemble Artist

      Dear friends, Many, many thanks to all of you who have contributed so generously and helped us to reach our minimum goal yesterday! We're now certain to receive funding. If you have chosen a perk that includes mailed materials and your choice of scores, we will contact you directly regarding your information and preference after the campaign wraps up. We look forward to being in touch over the next few weeks, and seeing many of you at the concert on December 15! In the two days that remain, we are focusing our efforts on our overall goal of $7,000. If you'd like to lend a hand once more, please help us spread the word by sharing the campaign via social media or with friends and family who might be interested. The campaign will end at 11:59PM on Thursday evening, so we have just over 48 hours left to reach for our stretch goal. The stretch goal will help us take this collaboration into the new year with future concerts and recording projects, and help shape the future of the ensemble. Again, thank you all so much! Your support means a great deal to the ensemble and composers, and we're deeply happy that Ghost Ensemble is growing.