Fragments of Work in Recession

by Allison Irene Hornak


Currently I am reconsidering what is intimated when we reference the lizard brain. I am beginning to reach for different ways of touching our reptilian impulse, wondering if lizards offer secrets about the contemporary human more so than dominant industrial culture uncans on our behalf. Though preferring to act without words, can the reptilian speak advice on navigating the deluge of this current moment? 

This interest germinated from an unnamable bump in my gut when I saw an old image of the dancer, Lucia Joyce. It rooted this summer in Chicago while getting familiar with a wall of English Ivy on Kinzie Street. It’s been fed by post-Irma news reports of alligators hiding in Florida’s toxic flood waters. And it persists, as long as debates pool over the cognitive fitness of key world leaders and move me to question my own mental state. 

The first installment of these explorations will be shown in Virginia at Norfolk Arts’ Offsite Gallery from January 19th to March 9th, 2018. 

With this campaign I am asking for help raising the funds necessary to transport my work to Virginia. After mindful calculation, I ask for this assistance to reach the base goal of $2,500 by December 31st. This amount would allow me to rent a van for the days it will take to drive from CT to VA, gas and a few motel stays during the trip and install time. It also includes some extra funds to finish producing the perks I am offering donors in exchange for support. The additional amount I will put to covering my studio rent during these months of production. 

I am offering a range of thank you gifts. These include a choice between three different sizes of a limited edition, signed, fine art digital prints of the ivy I am using as subject matter and material in this work; a choice between three different sizes of living, ivy plant clones, planted in hand-decorated pots; and finally the chance to pre-purchase one of the single-edition performance photographs, framed and with individually hand-debossed mat boards that are to be shown within this exhibition with a marked up price. 

My sincere gratitude and thanks!