Fractal Vision

by Fractal Vision


We are creating an anthology series, akin to the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, exploring the weird, the fantastical, and the horrifying.

10 terrifying tales by 10 filmmakers, told across 24 episodes of 5 minutes or less, perfect for today’s online streaming audience. 

Some episodes will stand alone, while other stories will be intertwined. Minor characters in one story become major ones in the next; mysteries arise in that story only to be resolved later...

For th elast few months, we've been gathering talented filmmakers, including Matthew T. Price (director of Other Halves), Carson Nicely, Nichole Dyben, Miranda ParhamJohn LongBertran Harden, Nicki Hunter, and more. Together, we've been developing several episodes for Fractal Vision.

Our next step is to crowdfund our budget. Once we've raised the funds, we'll be able to begin shooting almost right away. The plan is for cameras to roll by May, so we can edit late in summer, and have the series ready before Halloween.

The schedule may seem ambitious, but by shooting multiple shorts in parallel, we can create the same amount of content in a fraction of the time. Independently, each short will shoot for days instead of weeks, and editing will take weeks rather than months.

Costs are reduced by demanding less time of the cast and crew. A day’s shooting can be done as a favor, whereas a longer feature would require payment.

The budget will not be evenly distributed among the various episodes. One may require more make-up effects, while another has to spend more on wardrobe. Some may not require any money at all, thanks to volunteer work.

Once the episodes are complete, we'll be able to leverage our combined social media reach (which already extends to well over 300,000 followers), as well as connections with the horror press, to promote the series right out of the gate.

It's a big production, but with your help, we can accomplish great things together.

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