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This project was successfully funded on October 25, 2013

Forever. Laura Peterson Choreography

by Laura Peterson


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In 2009, Laura Peterson Choreography premiered a dance called Forever. We are beyond thrilled and honored that we have been invited to perform it at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC this November 15th.

Forever asks the audience to imagine a kaleidoscope's saturated and seamless, dazzling light, perfectly symmetrical and precise in its geometry; endlessly changing. This dance is a highly physical, evening length quartet performed to an awkwardly beautiful, looping vocal score by Lumberob. Forever will be performed in the Atrium space, a giant hall that will be transformed into a performance environment where the audience will be seated around a large and luminous, white, circular stage. And we need additional funding to get there.

Arts funding in the United States is at an all-time low! Foundations are folding, arts organizations are closing and there just isn’t enough money allocated to support the level of excellence that live art requires. We need at least an additional $6000 to make this work as beauiful as it can be.

Right now, I am reworking part of this dance and teaching it two new cast members, as well as creating a 30-foot white circular stage to bring with us from New York City. We have lots of rehearsals with gifted artists and new costumes to create (our old ones got pretty worn out.) And as you know all of these elements are expensive. Your donation will go to these expenses and is tax deductible.

So, why would I make a dance based on a kaleidoscope, isn’t that sort of simplistic? Well, yes. It is a child’s toy, but as I thought about its properties I realized that everything I had been researching and wanting to explore in a dance existed in this little bright and sort of silly metal tube. And a kaleidoscope is for anyone. You need no special knowledge and skill to understand it. I also wanted something seamless and beautiful, playful and rigorous. This dance has 26 separate music events that coincide with the physical events. I thought about the underlying “rules” of a kaleidoscope. For example, each pattern is made of repeated shapes and colors, but itself is not repeatable, once you turn the kaleidoscope it is gone forever. There are bright colors. Because of the mirrors, each slice of the mosaic is distinct and doesn’t blend. Therefore, each one of our dance events is built the same way. Each section contains repetition of its vocabulary, yet that vocabulary isn’t repeated in another section. Our movement is angular, our costumes bright, there is no partnering, and everything turns. Having grown as an artist since its origination in 2009 I want to continue to explore and develop this dance. 

My pieces are very abstract and extremely physical, I begin with a concept and set out some choreographic problems that I want to solve. I am very drawn to patterns, repetition, mathematics of music and the design of the performance space. It has become important to me to transform the location of each performance to reflect the concept of the work completely for the audience. This means that I might remove all aspects of the traditional theater and build in an installation as I did at HERE Arts Center with Wooden (2011). In 2008, I installed a delineated space within an existing performance space in I Love Dan Flavin where we installed a red floor, a glowing ceiling and walls that was outlined by a black cube at Dixon Place. This process continues to be important to me so our installation performance of Forever in November presents a new and exciting opportunity.

This dance was supported by and first performed at Dance New Amsterdam in New York City with additional generous support of the Queens Art Museum, Topaz Arts and funding from the Bossak Heilbron Charitable Foundation. Forever has toured to Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival's Inside/Out Stage, has been performed nationally, and toured to Europe to The International Contemporary Dance Festival in Bytom, Poland.

We have one month to raise at least $6000 for this project. Your support means the world to us. Thank you.

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