by Agatha Wright


FLUX can be described as a mixed-media performance which incorporates various artistic elements such as dance, live painting, digital art, and design. It has been curated for spaces that are unconventional to the performing arts such as the gallery, museum, blackbox, and night clubs. As a choreographer, who also happens to have studied Art History, FLUX is deeply interlaced with my love for the fine arts. Intentionally merging and blending several art forms to produce dance works that are versatile and innovative, FLUX provides a platform for artists to collaborate and exchange creative ideas together. Funding for this project will be used for facility rental fees, costumes, and performers fees. 

At the heart and narrative of the work, FLUX is a retrospective on the evolution of human beings. From birth, through death and existentially the rebirth cycle, the heart of the story lies in the idea that we are all always changing; always evolving...always in a fluxus. 

Choreographed through vignettes, FLUX consists of several pieces that correlate to depict the stages of life. The very first piece opens the show with a child enwrapped in a cocoon; slowly and meticulously unraveling herself from the layers which enclose her. Inception, childhood, adolescence, sexual maturity, adult-hood, relationship, and enlightenment are also key narratives which complete the entirety of the work as the audience is taken through each stage. Casting includes one child, 4 female dancers, and 2 male dancers. The aesthetic of the choreography can be described as a combination of modern, ballet, and contemporary dance. The piece is highly technical in nature. During the performance, dance is occurring at all times in conjunction with digital media and live painting. Costumes are minimalist and dancers are painted in an abstract fashion. 

As head curator of the work, FLUX has allotted me the space to produce dance which also illustrates my knowledge and respect for the fine arts as a whole. The catalyst for much of my work has been to consciously enrich and exchange- through the artistic process with other artists. It has also been important to invite audiences outside of the performing arts community in order to bring greater exposure to the medium of dance as living, breathing art. 

If provided with a minimum of $5,000 to re-stage FLUX I would rent a facility with greater production capabilities, invest in further costuming, marketing, and provide adequate payment for the artists involved. The work has been presented three times between August 2016 through November at The Guild 5 Forty Five and at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex for Art Basel 2016. Most recently, FLUX has been recognized by the Miami New Times and will be presented at the Coral Gables Museum during the 2017 Artopia event. Although all performances were extremely successful and garnished acclaim, (2 of which were sold out performances) limited resources have kept the production quality at bare-bones and compensation for performers was incomparable to the work that they put in to execute the project. Staging FLUX with greater financial backing would allow for the enhancement in curation quality, rental space, marketing, and retribution for the dancers. The ultimate goal is to create exposure on a level that allows the work to be presented at museums and stages both stateside and abroad.  

Materials/Supplies $500.00

Artist Honorarium(s) $1900.00

Rental Fees $2400.00

Administrative Fee $200.00

Please note: Should the project receive additional funds over the target amount we will allocate those funds towards taking the show to New Orleans and New York. We will also hire additional cast members enhancing performance opportunities for artists in Miami as well as to produce another performance of FLUX in the fall of 2017.  

I personally thank all donors, supporters, and philanthropists assisting in the fundraising campaign for FLUX. The work will only continue to grow and expand through your involvement. Your love for the arts allows for the continuation of creative cultural exchange, community building, and access to arts education.