• Posted December 29, 2017
    The Flamenco Quartet Project will perform two showcases at APAP|NYC in 2 WEEKS! This annual performing arts booking conference will give Clinard Dance the chance to capture attention from presenters around the world. Thanks to 17 generous donors we have made our secured funding goal for our Hatchfund campaign so far. THANK YOU! The amount we raised so far covers our starting costs like hotel, air fare and a portion of our showcase fees.

    BUT! We still hope to cover full showcase fees, marketing fees and artist stipends and meals.
    SO for the next 12 donations we receive on Hatchfund, in the spirit of Wendy's creative history that involves images, sounds and language taken from precise observation of real phenomena, she will send you a handwritten or drawn postcard from NYC taken from a real observation while on the trip!

    Listen to The Flamenco Quartet Project on WBEZ
  • Posted December 07, 2017
    Thanks to our generous 17 donors we have made the "secured funding" goal for our Hatchfund campaign. This covers our starting costs like-hotel, air fare, and a portion of our showcase fees. What we still hope to cover is full showcase fees, marketing/consultant work with Peter McDowell, presenter mailing initiative with Pentacle (a dance service organization), and artist stipends/meals. Again thanks for believing in the work we do.

Help support Clinard Dance's Flamenco Quartet Project perform in NYC at the Association of Performing Arts conference.