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This project was successfully funded on January 11, 2018

Flamenco Quartet Project Goes To APAP in NYC

by Wendy Clinard


Clinard Dance is pioneering a unique style of flamenco dance by abandoning the representational ties to the form and relying heavily on the rhythms, sense of improvisation, and unique isolations in the flamenco body, in a quest for a free, spontaneous body. One which is able to interact and dialogue with other compositional forces; namely, music, composers, visual artists, and text.

In 2014, Artistic Director Wendy Clinard reached out to musicians from the broad spectrum of the Chicago music world in order to explore new exponents of flamenco resulting in the Flamenco Quartet Project. The group is deeply committed to creating original, engaging performances. Led by an open-minded spirit the ensemble seeks to engage with contemporary culture through vibrant performances that honor traditional flamenco and their shared passion for music and dance discovery. The quartet project roster boasts remarkably diverse talents, including composers, arrangers, improvisers and choreographers who bring a range of cultural influences to the group, from Gypsy jazz to klezmer to flamenco and classical Arabic and Spanish music. The unique camaraderie within the group retains the intimacy and spontaneity unique to small ensemble work. The group consists of nationally and internationally renowned artists, including dancer Wendy Clinard, violinist Steve Gibons, vocalist/guitarist Marija Temo, and percussionist Javier Saume.

This January The Flamenco Quartet Project has an opportunity to perform two showcases at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. APAP serves thousands of member organizations and individuals. APAP works to strengthen the performing arts field and advance careers through professional development, grant support, advocacy, networking at the annual APAP|NYC conference. At the APAP conference, the Flamenco Quartet Project will perform in order to capture the attention of presenters from around the globe. This will enable Clinard to secure future work as well as connect with other performers. Securing performance opportunities in fine arts venues and building relationships with people that produce original, contemporary works helps Clinard match our creative efforts with audiences as well as supports our long-term artistic explorations. The funding deadline for this project is imperative. Clinard will be accepting donations up through the Wednesday 1/11 before leaving for New York.

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