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This project was successfully funded on September 16, 2017

First Museum Solo Exhibition

by Tracy Valleau


I have over 50 photographs in permanent collections, one of which is The Triton Museum of Art, in Santa Clara, CA. During a 2015 group show which included several of my photographs, the curator, unbidden, offered me a solo exhibition. That show is coming up in 8 months, and I am seeking funds to pay for the printing, framing, transportation and ancillary costs associated with it.


While I have been in various gallery shows and juried exhibitions, this will be my first solo museum show, and as such it is critical to my future as a fine art photographer.

I do both traditional photography and a unique artistic photography, which while strictly photographic, is unlike any other known work (and is called "Minutiae".) Both types have been very well-received by publishers, gallerists and the public.

"Minutiae" begins with very simple, tiny line-art, (less than 1/2 inch in size) which is then enlarged to several inches, or even feet, and combined with other macro work and textures, and which results in a finished image as large as 60" x 40". The result is dramatic, exciting and fascinating. Examples can be seen on my website,

The Triton exhibition, which will run for three months, February 10 through May 13, 2018, will feature both types of work, providing both a contrast and an interesting insight into how an entire photographic vision is made manifest.

I have invested my own funds in a large printer and ink and will be doing all the printing of the images myself, to ensure that the results speak of my own vision and quality.

The funds requested will primarily cover the cost of mounting and framing the large "Minutiae" work, which cost between $600 and $800 each, depending on whether glazing (protective glass or acrylic) is used. I cannot do mounting/framing work on images that large myself, and so will have to pay a shop to do it.

I'm planning for 4 large images. I will also provide 16 smaller, more traditional, photographs. Mat, frame, glazing on these will cost about $120 each. These I can do myself, to save money. (Done by a framer, these are about $200 each.)Taking only the framing into consideration, that's a total of $5120. The balance will pay for a catalog of the show and cards. Should the funding go beyond that, it will help cover the expense of the large printer and supplies.As any artist can attest, the chance for a solo show in a museum is the realization of a dream, and my deepest thanks to those who will help make it come true.