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This project was successfully funded on September 11, 2016


by Carlyle Brown


“How he finds the fish?  You might as well ask him how jelly fish dance in the moonlight or how sea snails hold wakes for their dead.  It’s just luck, fisherman’s luck.”

                                    HENRY in FINDING FISH

FINDING FISH takes place in a future where food is scarce and the oceans have been nearly depleted of fish.  But one fisherman on the Maine Coast keeps bringing in the catch.  Could his luck have anything to do with his strange new wife?   Does his despondent father know anything?  The people in power would do anything to find out, especially “The Committee,” who has sent the fisherman’s brother to reel him and his secrets in.  Nature and weather are central characters in this drama about sustainability through the lens of one family’s struggles.

FINDING FISH  comes out of my nearly 20 year experience at sea as a Captain of 19th century traditional sailing vessels where I have witnessed first-hand the degradation of our Oceans from the Coast of Newfoundland to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Baltic sea to the coast of Africa, the coast of Brazil and the Caribbean.   As our planet comes to this critical moment in the human impact on its environmental evolution we are compelled to give voice to this particular perspective.

FINDING FISH will premire at Illusion Theater in downtown Minneapolis October 7-29, 2016 directed by the invomparable Noel Raymond.  The process is underway.  We need your support.

Please join us in bringing this evocative and provocative new play to life.  Your gift will pay our talented and fabulous designers and give them the tools to bring the majesty of nature onto the stage. The minimum HatchFund goal of $7,500 will go to compensating our designers for their time and talents.  The maximum goal of $10,000 will allow them to create our vision of nature at the quality we desire.  

Help us reach our $10,000 maximum goal in any amount large or small, whatever you can give will make a difference and be much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support


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