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This project was successfully funded on April 2, 2015


by Rachel Setzer


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Having a chronic illness means living in a state of perpetual uncertainty. In addition to whatever physical suffering we face, one of the greatest challenges for a person with an illness like mine, is effectively communicating what it's like and how our lives and needs are different.

The FibroShark Hungry project will develop a body of work which will be translated into a coffee-table style book intended to help people with chronic illnesses (specifically fibromyalgia*) articulate their needs and the challenges they face. The funding goal of $2,500 will enable me to focus entirely on this project for 3-5 months, as well as covering the costs associated with digitizing and producing an initial run of not more than 1000 copies. Meanwhile, meeting the stretch goal of $5,000 will enable greater quality and focus, and open up the possibility of releasing the book in other formats.

I have always felt that the purpose of art is to reveal. Artists reveal their worlds to their audiences. This project does exactly that and then some. I reveal my world through my art, *and* help others like me be more explicit about their experiences with the same challenge. Revealing the world in this way is my primary goal as an artist. It also makes art more accessible to people on the margins, who are often forgotten in our visual-and-performance based discussions, while acknowledging that there are many artists with disabilities whose voice deserve to be heard just as much as our able-bodied cohorts.

If just 140 people donate $25 (plus a little bit to cover the cost of the fundraiser), this dream will become a reality. But your donation of any size won't just be going toward furthering my career as an independent artist. You'll become part of providing a context for people to effectively communicate their lived experiences and help them advocate for themselves.

Your support means the world to me. Thank you for investing in my idea and trusting in my ability to reveal my world, and help illuminate the worlds of others.



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    • March 29, 2015 Rachel Setzer Artist

      Please note: the percentage ticker measures the percent of the MAXIMUM goal that's been reached. As of Sunday morning (3/29) we're at 60% of the minimum goal, & once that's met the project will be funded for sure.

    • March 16, 2015 Rachel Setzer Artist

      Having trouble loading images for updates, but here's a link to FibroShark's message for my birthday!

    • March 02, 2015 Rachel Setzer Artist

      New Perks! $5 "In Memory" - choose the $5 "Thank You" option, and email me the name of a loved one you'd like remembered on the In Memoriam page of the completed book $45+ "Bird FIsh Or In Between" - FibroShark made some new friends when he joined Facebook, and one of them, Braden Duncan of ClockworkArt has agreed to team up with us and make some fun prints of FibroShark having fun with a few pals from the Mechanical Aviary! All contribution of $45 or more will (in addition to whichever perk you select) be thanked with a print from this series!