Feral Flower

by Jerome Lee


“Feral Flower” is a musical album. While all of my art has an ecological, queer, & life-affirming slant, “Feral Flower” explores queerness, relationships & resistance - openness, trust, & empowerment. Its sound moves through dance & trance music, but also delves into dreamy witch lullabies about gratitude, hope, Earth & the Unseen.

It is important to me to finish this project. I play the harp - & am featuring it here for the first time. The topics & themes are dear to my heart & reflect on healing from heartbreak, open relationships, queer love, this precious planet, spirit, peace, etc. This pushes my art forward & I combine all kinds of electronica.

The literal execution of the project is quite simple: I create & record music on my laptop. I make sure everything sounds great together, & mix & master in Winterland Studios. Then I'll take the bit of money that's left over and try to publicize the record so that it can reach as many ears as possible. I send information to blogs & press. From there, I can create videos & performances to take on tour.

You reading this is such a gift. Your donation is the essential step. You would provide me with the means to rent studio time & hire musicians. I have asked for the absolute bare minimum here - so if the project was overfunded, it would simply lead to a better funded, more streamlined project. I’m honored & grateful to be here. Thank you beyond words for giving.

(the image used for this project is a photograph of me taken by Chantar - they also placed the flowers - it is an image from the album cover shoot)