Fat Boy

by Teo Castellanos


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Teo Castellanos invites you to please help support his new dance/theater piece Fat Boy.  Fat Boy has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant and a National Performance Network Creation Fund grant to support production cost. We are currently seeking funds to support the rehearsal/workshop process.  A working draft of the script has been finished and we have moved into the workshop process on a weekly basis. With the money raised through USA Projects, a minimum of $5,000 will support 4 weeks of part time rehearsals (4 hours a day) and the maximum of $10,000 will support 8 weeks of part time rehearsals (4 hours a day). 100% of the money raised will go towards paying artist rehearsal fees. The show will premier in Miami June 2, 2011 and tour subsequently.

Fat Boy coalesces ancient and current art forms to tell a timeless and timely story. Defying the conventional rules of plot construction Fat Boy explores its theme of abundance and waste versus scarcity and economy in a non-linear narrative.  Action plays a fundamental role in organizing the plot through a variety of devices: Asian rice cultivation ritual, surreal/stylized character narration, voiceovers of realistic contemporary characters, Zen ritual movement, and contemporary B-Boying (breaking) choreography. While the piece is contemplative, elements of humor create tension with its poignant message. Through rhythm, dance and visual imagery, the piece is meant to propel its audience into questioning a life of excess and wasteful habits towards a desire to help others, hoping to bridge the gap between cultures bringing into our awareness those who struggle to eat on a daily basis.  From threatening to burn Korans to putting up walls at borders, to mass consumption and mass waste, we live in a time when the perceptions of the “others” desensitizes us numbing our feelings towards other cultures, putting the focus on our selves and our cravings.  By mixing cultural influences and conveying this message Fat Boy hopes to bring light to our lack of concern for the earth and those who reside on the other side of it. 

Other stylistic influences include Reggae dub music, sounds of thunder and lighting used by Jamaican dancehall DJ’s in the late seventies and early eighties, and text references to music and culture of that era. These more contemporary and western forms of movement and music are merged with Butoh and Asian rice rituals. Rice is the most consumed food on the planet. The piece will also be influenced by the work of contemporary visual artist Kara Walker, known for her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes, particularly as Walker’s work relates to Balinese shadow puppetry.  These synergies aim to create a new aesthetic in contemporary dance/theater.


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      cant wait to see it!