by Johnnie Mercer



Hello family, friends, supporters and peers! 

2017 has been quite an amazing year of exploration thus far for Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC! As we approach our second full year creating as a company, we are excited to present ourselves in our first ever full production season in New York City! However, we are in need of your help now more than ever! We are raising $3,000 for our upcoming production and newest work Experience:Sanctuary (An Experiential Theater Dance Work) to preimere on June 16th-17th 2017 at the Center for Performance Research. Through your generous donations we hope to not only fully bring this new production to life, but to also use this production as a means of finding stillness in this time of polictal difference, and conflict. 

Experience:Sanctuary!: A Work on Hope, Human Willingness, and Vulnerability.

We, the artists and collaborators of Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC (tRpnyc), have spent the past two years falling into, attempting to reject, and reluctantly accepting the current hyper-political climate in which we all are a part of.  Our process has been inspired by, if not pressured into, spaces of questioning self, self’s relation to others, and self’s relation to history. We ask: How do we find a space of warmth, of patience in an over saturated world of image, expectation, and what seems to trickle into inevitability? Following multiple recent residencies at Chez Bushwick Inc., Denmark Arts Center, Silo Farms, and most recently as current artists in residence at the 92Y’s Harkness Dance Center, tRpnyc is excited to openly invite and share our most recent work, Experience:Sanctuary!  

The Work and the Process

Experience:Sanctuary! is a two acted dance production that follows the creation of a surrealistic world with the purpose of micro-observing and investigating the cyclical nature of the human.  The work follows the instinctual process of human escape, as a temple is built from scratch to revel in personal meditative/destructive practices.  A gift and in some ways an omen, the work pulls the audience into individual challenges of self, and perspective, as questions are sought to seek change, accept reality, and ponder on personal and forgotten demons.  

The audience is led through moments of silioquy, dialouge, deep subconcious emotional spurts stunning visual projections, live televised broadcasts, as well as installation based enviroments.The apocalypse is hinted at as the artists, and the audience journey between now, tomorrow, and the past to find and possibly come in contact with one's own purpose and reflection.   

The Performance/Production

Experience:Sancutary involves numerous collaborators in its creation/process. These collaborators include: 

Five company artist (Erica Saucedo, Heidi Morgan, Johnny Chatman II, Casey Olejar, and Johnnie Cruise Mercer (Director))

Visual designer Torian Ugworji

 Composer Justin Johnson

Guest Artist/Apprentices: Candace Perry, Shanice Mason. 

The production will preview on June 8th 2017 at New York University’s Jack Crystal Theater as a part of the NYU Summer Residency Program and then premiere in full on June 16th-17th 2017 with full installation production at CPR-Center for Performance Research, self-produced/self-presented by the company.  

Funding The Project

The production of Experience:Sanctuary! has been funded over-time by multiple community fundraisers, residencies, and personal donations, but in order to fully bring to life the final production we are in need of your help! The donations contrubuted to this production will cover administrative costs, collaborative artist fees, as well as marketing,set, and costume design efforts. Your donation, every penny, will go to supporting and building the succesful creation and primere of our newest work for both performances in June 2017.

Your donations will help the costs of:

-Marketing/Press Materials: $450.00

-Costuming: $200.00

-Collaborative Artists Costs: $1,000.00

-Set Cost/Design:  $1,000

-Administrative/Studio Costs: $600.00

If our $3000 goal is met, and we exceed our oringal set target we will use the funds alloted to increase payment for all artists invovled as well as invest in the quality and overall production of evening of work. We will also be able to pay other costs not specified above including Travel cost for guest artists, and for professional documentation of the work/process! 

Thank You

We want to personally thank you all, for first and foremost taking your time to read and engage in this project/production! We really hope to gain your support as we push forward in creating and shairng this evening of politically charged ideas. Your donation, of any amount, would mean the world and no matter what we hope to see all of you at our upcoming performances/events! 



    • April 13, 2017 Johnnie Mercer Artist

      I want to thank everyone for donating so far! Progress has been great and I look forward for the next five day push! We have 18 days to raiser hit the $3,000 mark that is our goal!!! Let's do it! Share the campaign if you can. Pass it to your friends. Help tRpnyc ensure that our first production season is at its highest level of presentation!!! MUAH!