by Static Assembly


Project Update:

The Edison Cru is singing with joy as we get ready to continue on our European tour. After a wildly wild 5 day run at the Prague Fringe Festival, we are all scattered across the globe preparing for the International Youth Arts Festival (beginning July 11), Manchester Fringe, Buxton Fringe, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We could never have done this without all of your incredible support, contributions, and love. This tour is truly dedicated to everyone who helped get us here. We've been gathering up postcards and shot glasses, and can't wait to send them all out to those who contributed. Thank you endlessly for your generosity!

We come to you all with one more ask as we find ourselves almost at our final goal. The Edison team is looking to raise a final $2000 to help cover added expenses from our housing in Kingston upon Thames, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. If you are in a position to support, we would greatly appreciate any tax-deductible contributions to help us reach our final goal. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

I must thank everyone who has contributed to the project through our Hatchfund site. We reached a milestone in our fundraising - more than $15,000 - and need a bit more to reach our ultimate goal. $10 to $100 ... or more! We are appreciative of every dollar, which inches us closer to the deal-making goal of $20,000. If you can give, please do.

It is also not too late to share the link to family and friends on social media.

In less than 3 weeks, Edison will be making its world premiere. The premiere has taken a team of over 40 individuals, from designers to a three-part funk band. You can hear a little taste of the funk band with the link, https://vimeo.com/204978245. You can now reserve tickets for the show. https://universityofthearts.ticketleap.com/edison/ I would love you to come but I do understand if you can't make it. 

Following our premiere in Philadelphia: we are pleased to announce we have officially added The International Youth Festival as a stop on our tour, and we have secured a space at the prestigious Zoo Venues for when we are in Edinburgh. Our ambitious plan for our European tour is looking brighter with every donation.

-Joshua Logan Walker, Playwright 


With an idea, some text, and a boundless desire to create, a group of University of the Arts students would continue to innovate and share drafts of what became Edison, a three act play honoring the life of Nikola Tesla. With the idea of longevity in mind, we wanted to tell the story of the inventor whose ideas shaped modern history, our current technological landscape, and the future generations to come. Edison is shaped around the world of business, power, and capital which undermined him-- a world that often undermines genius.

Edison is an ode to the relationship between Nikola Tesla, an inventor and futurist, and Thomas Alva Edison, an inventor and businessman. Told through an alternating current, Edison captures the real and the surreal of Nikola Tesla alienistic life. Honing in on two of the most influential names of the 20th century, Edison reveals the world of the innovator: an exhausting, isolation, quirky, and sacred business.

Following our US premiere in March of this year, we will expand and tell our story out of a suitcase this summer, sharing Edison with as many as six European Theatre Festivals.  This is not only an opportunity for us as theatre makers to experience art creation on a multi-national level. It is neither just the opportunity of networking with upwards of 40,000 artists and makers from around the globe-- it is the opportunity for Europe to experience this highly close to home piece. Our audiences will experience the excitement, be let in on the secret, and join in the chaos of unveiling history versus reality. We are beyond thrilled at the prospect of sharing this story with the world.


Starting May 27th, our tour begins at the Prague Fringe Festival where we will show Edison in a theatre constructed in 1463, and is only a short walk away from Tesla’s home and university where he studied in Prague.

Continuing through the month of July, we present in theatre festivals throughout the United Kingdom, potentially including the Buxton Fringe Festival, Manchester Fringe, Yorkshire Fringe, and the International Youth Arts Festival.

We will complete our tour at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the entire world with over 50,000 different performances happening over just 27 days. Edison will be featured among a wide selection of international theatre, where the possibility of further touring also exists.  


Edison was born in an empty dance studio with some found costumes, some clip lights, and a hungry group of artists. As we plan our adventure to tell this story internationally, we require your assistance. Fringe is not a cheap honor. Our costs broken down are:


$13,833 - pays housing for 24 members of our team in Prague, Czech Republic; Kingston upon Thames, UK; Manchester, UK; Buxton, UK; and Edinburgh, Scotland-- totalling over 60 days of performance time.

$1,430 - pays for transportation within Europe.

$5,574 - pays for venue fees and costs of 6 different festivals, insurance, and promotional fees.

$20,837 pays for Edison to perform in Europe this summer.


We feel more than confident that with your help, we can reach our initial fundraising goal of $15,000.  In the event that we over exceed our initial goal, your donation will be utilized to support our larger goal of $20,000. Your completely tax deductible financial support will go towards paying for the costs of participating in these festivals as well as travel and housing within Europe for our cast and crew of 24.

THANK YOU so much for considering giving a monetary donation in support of Edison. We are grateful and humbled to have so many outspoken supporters of our work.