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This project was successfully funded on August 8, 2017

Dragon Egg Inn

by Dragon Egg Inn

Radical hospitality. Let's make this world so hospitable that nobody would ever want to leave. 

This is a long term family effort creating & openly sharing tools against individual & collective suicide (i.e. extinction) & for the manifestation of the worlds we have all seen in our dreams & carry in our hearts.


card prototype - jeruviel stardust 2

[promo card for our show's cast & teaser of IMMW - The Game card art]

We aim to make this world so hospitable that nobody would ever have reason to leave.


We are creating digital and physically rooted communities of artists of all varieties, cultivating our capacities to care for one another and create and share without lack or limit. Our long-term family quest leads to us to living as keepers & guardians of a magical & magnificent Inn,permanent festival grounds, residential and artistic retreat campus in a self-sustaining forest community.

Our current phase of preparation calls our focus to:  sharing and expanding this vision through atheatrical show highlighting bits of our lives as an Indigo Starseed family; keeping the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder (IMMW) portal, an interdimensional intervention on earth against the multitude crises of the present era; and prototyping IMMW - The Game, a free and open source worlding game which utilizes a grand repertoire of art forms for playfully envisioning and enacting mutually supportive artistic communities.

Our show premiers summer 2017, the board game prototype will be available as open public access early 2018, and the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder's decentralized analogue-digital hybrid campus is already open for free registration and participation. Through the successful hatching of the show, game, and multiversity around the close of 2017 we will have co-created along with you all the means to manifest our original intention of opening the doors to that most wonderful and fabled place called Dragon Egg Inn before the end of 2018.


Who & Why?

Epiphany Yates & Jeruviel Stardust together head the party in the quest to raise Dragon Egg Inn. They began and continue as eternal and intergalactic beings who presently find themselves on earth and with a growing family that offers ever more potential to their creative interventions. They are both deeply interested in and committed to holistic and sustainable lifeways lightyears beyond the present status quo and have arrived here as beings with a sacred mission strongly rooted in ancient futures, chthonic, cosmic, divine and earthly purpose. As a family they are firmly committed to healthy ways of being, caring for, and regenerating life.

Epiphany Yates is a spontaneity artist, truth seeker, and portal guardian. Some of her focuses are Black Whole, earth friendly and sustainable building and living, creative cosplay, drawing, fashion design, modeling, nail art, makeup/face painting, music, painting, sharing healthy navigational tools for life through youth work, and videography.

Jeruviel Stardust is an intergalactic knowledge systems architect, engineer, and builder as well as a cultivator, collector & distributor of rare and renown cosmic fruit species. Jeruviel's present terran focuses include alternate and augmented reality game design for futures optimization, tabletop game creation, gameful curriculum design, digital & web design, sci-fi/visionary fiction, & writing.

Together their mission on Earth through Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder (IMMW) is to create and maintain spaces & also a very particular place of family learning, hospitality, play, refuge & regeneration. As they venture their way to the hearth of Dragon Egg Inn they continue to meet and connect with multitude other artists, fantastic & magical beings, artifacts, & organizations that share a similar purpose and thus expand the relations & sources & the earthly portals of IMMW. Dragon Egg Inn will be only one of many earthly portals of IMMW; one of many rooted visionary hubs that form the earthly infrastructure and structures of IMMW. The end goal of all this is to transition to Peaceful Life on Earth through creation.



We are very close to our all-or-nothing target of $5,000 which will be huge in helping us through the next couple of months and in completing the first iteration of the board game and pilot of our show. Once we are settled on the target goal we hope to reach our stretch goal which will take us beyond basic survival and to a place where we can truly begin crafting the actual structures and works that feature in our festivals and the ultimate community of Dragon Egg Inn. For example: popup tent-craft materials, eco-building materials, permacuture farming tools, painting, sculpting and theatre supplies, communications technologies, high qulity live and archived video of our efforts and lessons, analogue and digital games, Alternate Reality Games and learning experiences, major dance parties and big shindigs, festivals and real life rooted communities of wonder you/we visit and learn from as models for sustainable living. 

Help cover the basic costs of living for our small family, including our 9 month young star baby Astraea, and we will reward you with not only our eternal gratitude but also: an internet based show of our family sharing entertainment & lessons as we learn and grow; expanded, free, & highly relevant summer activities & encounters through; AND a complete prototype of the best free & open source board game ever known... Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder - The Game.

The board game and show act as complementary efforts. The show will act as an open and interactive cataloging of our creative journey. The board game will draw on our full range of skills and talents as a family with in depth and costumed character art on cards, models, and game board as well as interactive digital elements. The game is ultimately a tool and toy for sharing, teaching, and making real the wonderful worlds we all hold in our hearts. We intend to utilize it as an organizational tool as we build. Your support through the summer literally buys us the necessary time and energy to complete the prototype for this tool, a veritable Garden of Eden Creation Kit of our time, which we have been sent to create and freely share.


Fund our family, the show, IMMW campus & game this summer... & dreams come true...

Envision a grand grounds of immense learning and play on land containing a wide variety of amenities and services suited to locals and travelers from near and far. All who enter the space of Dragon Egg Inn contribute to and benefit from its ever evolving magics, knowledges, and pluralistic vision. The grounds of the inn produce all manner of sustainable foods and medicines in using methods of permacultureIndigenous horticulture, and Natural farming. The structures house a great diversity of peoples and simultaneously function as a pay-to-stay inn and a public/commons housing effort for displaced people from near and far. Those who come and pay for a room for whatever period of time help to provide a roof for local and refugee individuals and/or families. Yet it is so much more than a place to stay. It is a sort of non-institutional and intergenerational university which delivers enchantment to all in attendance and manifests sustainable futures. Beings from throughout the pluriverse come to give, receive & interact with the greatest works of theater & alternate reality games ever known. Exact geographic coordinates are still undetermined and this could potentially exist anywhere.


Get involved:


- Give now to our HatchFund as a tax deductible donation, please & thank you :-) [choose your perk wisely though for it will permanently influence gameworld timelines!]

- Participate as a guest star in our IMMW Virtual Encounter

-Register as a fellow wayfinder with IMMW & utilize the forum space

-Click here & sign up to our Newsletter

- Reach out directly through our contact form for collaborations, critiques, or comments

- Get ready to watch, bump, & interact with the show...or jump in on the show forum now!


- Tell others what excites you about this vision and share our campaign by word of mouth, printing and posting media in your home, school or workplace, & however else you feel called to :-)


Peace, Love & Blessings,

Epiphany Yates & Jeruviel Stardust

NOTE ON DELIVERABLES & PERKS:We can only guarantee prompt delivery of perks to contributors if our stretch goal is met. Without full funding of this project delays of final delivery dates for board game copies may occur. IMMW activities & campus, source code release of game prototype, & family show are the only guaranteed deliverables with our minimum goal of $5,000. Also, the complete establishment of Dragon Egg Inn as a "brick & mortar" location is a future phase of this work not directly covered by this grant.

tree spirte.jpg [Promo / teaser of IMMW - The Game card format]
card prototype - portal guardian 01.JPG [Promo / teaser of IMMW - The Game card format]
Guided by an ethos of radical hospitality Dragon Egg Inn makes this world so hospitable that nobody would ever want to leave.