Dr Mambo Performs at the 1st International Band Festival in Havana Cuba

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1st International Band FestivalHavana Cuba June 5th - 9th 2018 Performance by Dr Mambo an Experience

Scope of the Project:

Dr Mambo and The Experience Ensemble have an invitation to participate in the 1st Annual International Band Festival in Havana Cuba. The festival is expected to be well attended locally also drawing international attention. After having virtually no contact with Cuba for 50 plus years, this concert is the perfect cultural exchange opportunity for the music of Havana, Cuba and Bronx/Brooklyn NY USA to explore each other. Dr. Mambo performance of Its version of Cuban Mambo, in an addition of the homecoming element (to Cuba), creates a compelling story.

Core history driving interest:

A musical reintroduction of Cuban Music created in the Afro-Cuban music community and Afro American Cuban Jazz inspired musicians from the Bronx/Brooklyn, “For this group to have a chance to do something so many people over the years have been dreaming about for a long time” ... D.M. Brewster. Starting In the early 40’s in NYC the great marriage of Afro Cuban rhythms and the era’s Jazz music coalesced in around the Savoy Ballroom located in Harlem. Beautiful music was created starting a new style of play. One community, however, lost almost all communication with Cuba and its music from the early 60’s. Those Afro-Cuban rhythms that drove the free-spirited public in the 60’s and early 70’s is still there, waiting for a new crop of fans to discover and become infected by the power of “Cuban Music and NY Mambo Jazz”.

“Descargas Live at the Village Gate, Vol. 1 and Tico All-Stars Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 were all the NY musicians had. From that small music, selection grew a New York version of Afro-Cuban rhythms that grew to co-exist under one harmonious roof with the harmonic and sound of improvisational “conscious music” also called Jazz. This phenomenon is still thriving today totally amazing. “Personally, being a part of the history, I know many American adherents to the Afro Cuban music legacy” said Dwight M. By at the turn of the millennium we lost all connection to Cuba as our community went its own way musically. Today very few musicians who were adherents of the Afro Cuban musical legacy survived the half century split. However, those few who have survived are anxious to explore their musical relationship with Cuba with the spirit of the musicians who transitioned to the ancestors. The 1st International Band Festival in Havana Cuba opportunity has finally arrived “we’re ready to get busy resuming our musical collaborations with Cuba.”

ABOUT US: Tremendous Media Group, LLC (TMG) is a New York City-based content creation and distribution company. Founded and original content created by accomplished musicians and entrepreneurs with cable television expertise who are well entrenched in the Conscious Music/Jazz Industry. TMG has created successful events and programs in print, radio, television and live events for decades. Our mission is focused toward recording, interviewing, writing stories featuring interesting and successful musical performers as well as the cadre of musicians and vocalists keeping the industry moving. As major participant in the production and promotion of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival, for its 18th year. This wide array of expertise strengthens our brand, foster relationships with existing artists, managers, promoters and media clients. We believe our unparalleled attention to detail will serve this project well as we accomplish our goals as we’re working together with you to produce/promote this event.

EVENT “New York Mambo Jazz to Perform in Havana Cuba”

TMG is very familiar with Afro Cuban/Caribbean Jazz music. Starting with Alegre/Fania Records we’ve had the opportunity to be involved musically, technically and promotionally with successful events around the world. We propose the production of the “Timba meets NY Mambo” concert in Havana Cuba available for world-wide distribution. This event is a cultural exchange for Cuba and Bronx/Brooklyn NY. With strong promotion, our event will be strongly attended… Possible fee TBD. Add the homecoming element (Afro-American musicians, and lovers of Afro Cuban Music visiting Cuba for the first time) you have a compelling story unfolding over the promotion lead up to the event. TMG has the capability to record audio/video/ and transmit the concert live to any market in the world and/or record the event for later editing.

By participating this concert series, we rekindle the sound of Cuban Music (Timba) and Afro Cuban Jazz as performed in NY, will be a revival of the of music again. New York Mambo performed by dedicated musicians who specialize in the musicianship, art and history of Afro Cuban Music have waited 50 years as a people for the opportunity. It is the music that’s created by these exceptional musicians that will set a trend.

The group caught the eye of Al Santiago of Alegre Records also Jerry Masucci and Johnny Pacheco of Fania Records the label that eventually signed the band. The group went on to record one of the all-time classics, “Jazzy”, on Willie Colon’s first album “El Malo.” With that experience under his belt Dwight began traveling the world performing on the same stage with: Ray Barretto, Norman Connors, Marvin Gaye, Carlos Garnett, Richie Havens, Robin Kenyatta, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Puente, Louie Ramirez, Nile Rodgers, Cal Tjader and Art Webb to name a few.

Having the opportunity to interact with the best musicians on the New York music scene who were responsible for keeping the Afro Cuban music alive is incredible. Dwight as his sister would say “returned to his roots” with Dr. Mambo and the Experience Ensemble and “The World of Jazz” radio program. Today the core group of musicians who share Dwight’s passion for Afro-Cuban Jazz have developed a very unique style and are ready to bring their sound to Havana, Cuba… June 5th through 9th 2018

Also traveling, The Mambo Horns

Dr. Mambo Cuba Bound