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This project was successfully funded on November 27, 2017

Donny and the Sun King - A Musical Comedy

by Marta Jorgensen (Missy M)


All anyone talks about today is fake news. Donny is a musical drawn from my observations and experiences with tabloid media. I was inspired to write about tabloid media after the Rupert Murdoch scandal.  I wanted to tell a story from the point of view of the victims of junk journalism. Ever stand in line at the check out and see tabloid papers with outlandish headlines and later hear how they are being sued? It all started with just two songs that I wrote concerning the subject. One day it seemed the songs had a bigger story to tell. So it hit me, why not write a play and put the songs in it. I have a background in screenwriting from UCLA and playwriting and theater from Santa Barbara City College. 

         Rhoda Haynes, famous playwright has a grudge against Frenchy King and his lying King Media empire. Rhoda and her family are suing King Media over fake stories written about them. She can’t do anything or say anything to jeopordize it. But she wants to get even. Hubert, Rhoda’s husband tells her to write and get it off her chest. So Rhoda, sitting at her desk, starts banging away on an old fashioned typewriter. She starts a play called Donny and the Sun King. Here is the story as she creates it, inserting herself and her family members, husband Hubert Haynes, daughter Blaze Haynes, as characters (Rhoda Haynes, a playwright, Blaze Haynes, Rhoda’s daughter, a famous singer and Hubert Haynes, a Congressman). Just like in real life, the character family debates with Rhoda about plot issues involving them. Rhoda wants an ending she can live with so she tries to write one....Thematic elements are Revenge and Family loyalty.

          There are 19-20 songs with names like My Story, Ratings R Us, Donny’s Lament, Hope and Pride, Perry’s Poorhouse, Babel, Ball and Chain, What’s in a Word, Lower Slobovia. The music is a mix of styles, the kids have their sound,  the media upper class have their sound and the Rhoda and her family have a sound of their own. All pulled together by a thematic through line. Donny is pop culture, TV and  social media in a story about itself. Rhoda the writer orchestrates it. Theatrically, Donny is bright, opulent and dark. Perry’s Poorhouse is Don Giovanni meets Married with Children. The score will be finished by Elliot. Here is a link to his website.


 Score writing involves fleshing out the many songs, creating an opening prologue. Here is a breakdown of the money and how it is used.




Music Arranger for 19 songs and other music in score


Make printed sheet music.

20 hours


Musicians ($50/hour)

5 players


Studio Recording/Mixing Time /Engineering($50/hour)

20 Hours





"Marta's writing style is humorous, witty & enjoyable. There isn't a scene without laughing out loud every few lines. The identifying ability with one's life and pop culture is thoroughly enjoyable and a fulfilling, entertaining experience. I laughed continuously every time I read the play and never tired to hear it again. It's an audience pleaser with great points. Gave it my thumbs up & best wishes." 

Adria Chalfin 

Publisher/ Record Producer 

Founder PyramidK Publishing and Music. 

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A lot has been written about the lack of good parts and work for women in theater. According to some statistics, 22% of the plays that are produced in the United States are written by women,  21% of the 1,914 plays written in the past year were written by women, four out of the forty theaters on Broadway are named after women. The theater is a place for culture, where we give and receive ideas and attitudes.  We see the world through other people’s eyes. But, season after season we have plays by men vastly outnumbering plays by women. But you can do something to fix that.  You financial support can go along way and you can be a part of it.

Women writers want to be heard. By donating to my Hatchfund you provide two deserving writers (Rhoda and me) that chance. Donate today, get a great gift, a tax deduction and you too can be a part of Rhoda’s (and mine) story. I want to make opportunities for women to have good acting roles, creative production jobs with a play that has a relevant message and reflects the times.

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