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This project was successfully funded on March 28, 2018


by S A I T


The project starts with my purchase of the BOSS VE-20 vocal processor, experimenting with different sounds and sound colors.  In my basement bedroom, I frequently worked with my amp, guitar, and processor.  I was mesmerized by the harmonies the VE-20 produced; the processor served as a totally different medium of writing that I haven’t experienced.  Suddenly, without question, it demanded my music to go on a darker, somber route.  I tried to steer away from that direction because I thought it wouldn’t be liked much by the public, but I couldn’t help it.  And thus, originated the six tracks that will be on this EP:

1. Intro

2. Desert

3. Other Side

4. Angel in My Mind

5. Zion 

Since my debut release (Epigraph) as JoLe, who would have thought that I would grow as much as I did in only a year! Within that year, I wrote a whole new set of songs that pertain to waiting, struggling, faith, hope, sin, brokenness and restoration; my inner demons spoke out, and God, my Light, cut through those voices.  Using hip-hop, atmospheric and electronic elements, mixed in with R&B/soul, tinted a little by my influences from folk music and hymns, this is what the album will sound like. I think some people will feel uncomfortable with some of the songs I have to share, but I can’t censor anything now.  It’s me being honest and writing about things I know are true for myself (hence the new name), and I want to let people into my world, this world of struggling to live life the way it was designed to be while keeping faith.  I pray for peace, relief, light, conviction to address dark areas of the heart, while being open & vulnerable to want more of the good things -- joy, faith, peace, hope, patience, and love.

The execution of this project has already begun.  I wrote the songs, I brought them into the studio and we started chiseling away.  The band and I rehearsed these songs every week for several months, taking them to gigs and showcases; but I am now discovering that my home and creative process must begin in the studio before we perform them live.  We have been chipping away at these songs  session by session, but due to financial and time constraints, we haven’t been able to get a bulk of the work that needs to be done for this.  We are at about 40% of the mark for the production process.  Now what needs to happen is for us to raise the funds so that I can continue working alongside the engineer, filling in the cracks and crevices for each track to make them exactly the way they need to be manifested. We need exactly $5,885 to meet our immediate project goal.  The funds will be used to:

- compensate the mixing/production engineer ($4,485 - 76.2%)

- compensate the mastering engineer ( $250 - 4.3%)

- videographer/storyboard director ($500 - 8.5%)

- pay the two studio fees (one for our promotional video at Ugly Duck Studios and one for the overdub recording session (The Record Co.) ( $650 - 11%) 

 If we are able to meet up to our maximum goal of $6,385 we will be able to make exactly 200 hard copies of the EP.  My goal is to meet this maximum amount to not only have cool physical copies available, but to also create the opportunity to donate 50% of CD sales to Charlotte's Bag (a UK charity specifically focusing on raising funds for research into, and awareness of, glioblastoma multiforme, a rare and almost always terminal form of brain cancer).To have your support would mean the world to us.  We have come so far to make something we think is worth sharing; even just a dollar would make a difference! 

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