by Jacqueline Bell Johnson


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I have an opportunity to collaborate with experimental musician Dorian Wood on a performance he has booked at Human Resources (HRLA).  My role in this project is to create an art installation that Dorian and his orchestra can perform in.

This is not to say that I am building a stage, but more of an environment.  The audience will be free to wander the entire gallery as they listen or watch the performance allowing them to experience both the visuals and the performance simaltaneously.  In different parts of the gallery the sound will be more muffled or accentuated based on the placement of my sculpture.  This freedom and control that the audience will have in how they take it all in is a first for Dorian, and the use of sound (much less performance) is completely new for me.

My plan is to build structures and forms that break up the space, creating little caverns, with a larger form that partially houses the orchestra.  These forms are big flowy folds made with fabric and illuminated by strategic lighting.

This project will be very important to developing my career, as it will be the largest installation I have ever done.  There will also be several new audiences to my work: those interested in experimental music or are fans of Dorian, and those who are followers of HRLA.  I have never exhibited in Los Angeles' Chinatown or at HRLA before and the successful completion of this project will encourage a long lasting relationship with their curators and the gallery.

There will be several performances, occurring between March 20-24, 2014.  They will be held in the main gallery space at Human Resources: 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

I my funding goal is $2500.  With that amount I will be able to purchase supplies to create the work, and rent a truck to transport it from my studio to the gallery.  Any funds raised over the $2500 amount will go to hiring assistants to help construct and install the work, gas money, an honoraium to help offset my personal expenses during the project, and meals for my crew during the install process.

I appreciate your support and contributions to this project.  With your help, I know I will reach my goal.  Thank you!

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