Cycle Of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture

by Kathleen Sheard


Wildlife Glass Artist, Kathleen Sheard, has undertaken the Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture – Environmental Art Education Project to raise awareness of and educate people to the dangers to sea turtles. The project includes an installation of over 60 kiln-formed glass pieces depicting life-size sea turtles and hatchlings along with elements that endanger them. The Cycle of Life is a collaboration between Kathleen Sheard and other glass and wood artists from across the US. The project became active in the summer of 2015 in Montana at Kathleen’s studio where the team came together to plan the project. The major work completed to date occurred in May of 2016 where the team worked at The Studio, at the Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, NY to complete the sculpture base and many of the glass pieces for the project.  Kathleen’s lifelong passion for wildlife, particularly those endangered and threatened, has inspired her to create this life-size glass sculpture of the Loggerhead sea turtle as well as hatchlings of the other species and their complete cycle of life. This sculpture will expand the magnificence and boundaries of glass as well as be a wonderful educational tool.

We are currently looking for a permanent home for the Cycle of Life sculpture installation. The completed installation will include the 5’x6’ base, 60 kiln-formed glass pieces and a fence made from segments of shrimp trawler netting that is a major danger to sea turtles. The installation will depict other dangers to sea turtles like sections of an oil spill, tire treads from 4-wheeler vehicles that run over turtle nests and trash debris that is swallowed by or entangles sea turtles. The display also includes signs that explain the dangers to sea turtles and other marine wildlife.  There are positive actions that people can do to minimize these dangers.

To complete the project, will require funding for materials and labor to reimburse team members for prior expenditures as well as future expenses to complete the final assembly which will occur in July 2017. The final assembly will occur in Alexandria, VA., where the installation will be exposed to local artists and environmental groups in the Washington DC area.

Kathleen is asking for $10,000 in funding to be able to complete the project and to fund transportation to the sculpture’s permanent installation, be it sea turtle hospital, aquarium, children’s museum, zoo or research center, where the Cycle of Life will be displayed.

Additional information can be found on Kathleen’s Blog on her website – and on a Facebook site for the project called Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture.  COL information and other marine wildlife conservation information and articles are incorporated into this Facebook site. 

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