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This project was successfully funded on July 1, 2017

CUSTODY 2017 Summer Festival Showcase

by Patrick McCarthy


CUSTODY UPDATE from Patrick McCarthy

The support from our community of friends and family and complete strangers is incredibly encouraging & humbling. We've surpassed our initial goal of $2,500, and are now guaranteed all funds generated by the campaign. 

Because we've successfully reached our initial goal, Hatchfund will graciously offer us an additional 30 days beyond our June 30th deadline to reach our stretch goal of $5,400. Our "stretch goal" isn't a frivolous addition. It is a critical part of our project's budget. The other $2,900 will be used to fund additional services from a promotions specialist, pay for half of the actor's travel stipends, and for studio rental costs. Most importantly, every dollar raised beyond our initial goal does not come out of my "retirement savings account" pocket. 

Seeing CUSTODY on stage is becoming real thanks to all YOUR support. Let's continue to strive and get to our stretch goal so all our costs can be completely covered! 


Help us with our CUSTODY hearing this summer. How? Support our Summer Festival Showcase CUSTODY, so it can be on the docket soon, at the ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival at The Wild Project, July 10 - 16, 2017.

We've already secured a Creative Engagement grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as seed money that's specifically earmarked to raise actor travel stipends, and to maximize ticket sales. However, even selling all the 267 available seats for the 3 performance run with the Festival keeping 80% of the box office since they pay venue rental, theatre staff & box office expenses, ticket sales can only support a small percentage of our $5,400 production budget.

With your support, we can bring CUSTODY out for a hearing 

When we meet our $2,500 Hatchfund fundraising goal toward the stretch goal of $5,400, we'll be almost half way toward our total production budget. I'm asking you to adopt an actor for $200 to pay one half of their travel stipend, or underwrite one of the set pieces [the foldable couch] for $250, or adopt the Marketing Budget of $300, or underwrite the rehearsal studio tech week rentals of $400, or make a $500 contribution & the Set or Costume Budget can be your very own. For this AEA Showcase, the major expenses are travel stipends & audition/rehearsal studio rentals accounting for more than 60% of the entire budget. Insurance premiums, costumes, set pieces, promotion, administrative & printing costs account for the rest. And since we will most certainly go beyond our funding goals like we did with our Hatchfund campaigns for both The LEARS and 12th NIGHTed, any additional donations will increase the amount of the actor's and creative staff honorariums who are basicly donating their talents.

Make your tax deductible donation now. Without your support, CUSTODY, might not make it to the court of public opinion. Put CUSTODY on your docket now.

CUSTODY (C) 2017 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc

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