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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2017

Cubs Fans Film: Fansspeak

by Mitchell Lieber


Cubs Fans Film: Fansspeak from David-Rose Films on Vimeo.

From Boyhood Cubs Fan to Documentarian

I became a Cubs fan as a boy in the 1960’s and went to my first game at Wrigley Field with my dad and brothers. In 1984, I produced a radio documentary featuring Cubs fans excitedly describing winning the division. Now, I am completing a documentary film, Fansspeak, in which fellow Cubs fans tell the story of our 108-year quest for a world championship.

We have already edited a “rough cut,” a rough draft of the movie.  $2,500 will start work on editing the “fine cut” (last major version before the final film,)  The stretch goal of $9,000 puts us well on the road towards completing the fine cut. In appreciation for your support of Fansspeak, the Cubs Fans Film, you’ll receive a tax-deduction and great perks listed in the right column.  Fansspeak brings my love of the Cubs and decades of experience conducting person-on-the-street interviews for broadcast to documentary film, the medium in which I have worked since 2007 (acclaim and grants are listed in my profile).

Watch the short video above with excerpts from Fansspeak and then select a perk (in the right column) to be part of our movie’s team.  

Fansspeak: The Fans Speak

Fansspeak captures the powerful bond between fans, their team and one another by documenting the most extreme baseball fan experience in the world: Cubs fans' 108-year drought. It answers the question, “What do fans go through when they love a team that has not won a world championship for more than a century?”

The documentary explores the fan experience of the “losing years” and of more than a dozen “almost years,” including 1910-45 and especially the more recent 1969, 1984, 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2015 years that were so promising but ended in disappointment. The documentary brings many different facets of Cub fandom to the big screen, from the goat curse to fans going crazy to ties that bind generations of fans. Fansspeak concludes with the dramatic event that changed our world, 2016's World Series game seven, leading to the ecstasy of Cubs fans and the seventh largest gathering of people in the history of the world.

There are and will be many films about love for the Cubs and their ascent to the 2016 world championship, and deservedly so. However, this documentary is different. It swivels cameras around to focus on those who sit in the stands and watch at home. It hands them the sportscasters' microphones to relate the history and the progress of the World Series. Though other films touch on it, Fansspeak is all about the fan experience.

Like me, you may have wondered what it was like to be a Cubs fan watching a World Series game in 1908 or 1945. In 50 years, your (great) grandchildren may wonder the same thing about today. “What was it like to be a Cubs Fan watching a 2016 World Series game?”  The difference is that your (great) grandchildren will be able to answer the question by watching your copy of Fansspeak. They will see your name in the credits if you support the film at the $45 level or above.

History of this Film

This documentary was filmed over 10 days during and just after the World Series by a professional crew using six different ultra high definition (UHD) and high definition cameras. As many as five channels of audio were recorded with professional microphones to clearly capture both interviewees and ambient fan and city sounds. Filming was fully funded. We began rough cut editing in November and now are seeking funds to complete it.

Deborah Libby is editing the film's rough cut. She has a M.F.A. in Documentary Film from Northwestern University, decades of experience as a graphic designer and several years experience as a documentary film editor. To transform the rough cut into the finished film, we have five candidates who edit long-form documentaries for national TV broadcast

Your Role in Bringing Fansspeak to Completion

You helped bring the Cubs to a World Championship. Now, if you chose, you can help bring the Cubs fans' story, our 108-year quest, to theater screens and DVD, and we expect to TV as well.




Your support helps to raise the $2,500 needed to start the fine cut edit. It pays editors and related post-production costs. If Fansspeak achieves its stretch goal ($9,000), these funds will bring the documentary closer to completing the fine cut.  Thank you for your years of rooting for and believing in the Cubbies and, if you choose to join us, for helping to make the Cubs Fans Film,  Fansspeak.!


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Is this tax-deductible?

Yes, it is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Hatchfund is a tax-exempt organization that is a conduit for funding a curated group of well-established artists who have a track record, including filmmakers.

If you achieve your target goal but not your stretch goal, how will you fund completion?

By using the fine cut of the film to sell distribution rights and using those funds for completion, or (plan "B") through a final crowdsourcing campaign. The "fine cut" is the version of the film right before the final version and so will have few or no major changes.

What is Your Estimated Timetable for the Movie and Thank You Gifts?

After funding:

- 30 days: Preview of additional footage for donors only

- 90 days: Fine cut of movie

- 110 days: Completed movie + screening party for cast, crew and largest funders

- 122 days: Streaming screening for all donors at all levels + on-screen dedications, on-screen thank yous and on-screen credits

- 130 days: Engraved Baseball Bats

- 182 days: Collectors Edition DVD/Blu-Ray (before commercial release)

- 190 days: Standard DVD/Blu-Ray (before commercial release)

- 200 days: Project concludes.

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