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This project was successfully funded on December 26, 2016

Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues - Is it Blues or is it Classical? Yes!

by Corky Siegel


Meet Chamber Blues:

"A Significant step forward into new dimensions of feeling, content, and technique … A classification-shattering mix.”  – Jazziz Magazine

"First class smasher of pre-conceived notions" - Denver Post

Our 4th Chamber Blues album is our most revolutionary and socially unifying album to date. We are inviting the community of fans to come together to expand the reach of this music and it's message beyond what my team and I could do ourselves.  

People have always come up to me wanting to know how they can be involved in various facets of my album projects.  Now, for the first time, there is an opportunity for fans to join me behind the scenes through this crowdfunding campaign. Rather than just ‘releasing’ another album - as I have done for years - this time, with a little help from my friends, we are going to break down more walls - reach across from different sides of the music world - and offer it to a wider public in a more significant manner by using funds raised for PR, Promotion and Advertising, again, beyond what I could do myself.

The more doors we can open together, the more people we can take to musical places they have never gone before. 

Let's offer this gift of Different Voices together, watch the progress, and share the fun as we dissolve the divisions between music categories, and allow music to do what it does best: uplift the world and bring people together. I’d love you to join me and this team to be part of an exciting and fun journey. The energy you bring to this project will be embedded in the music for it's life.  Your contribution will be very much appreciated. I will certainly experience your friendship, the results of your effort, and the pleasure of your special support. 

Your own,

Corky Siegel and the whole Chamber Blues team


Different Voices adds to the list of Chamber Blues Opuses, instrumental pieces that juxtapose blues and classical while maintaining their individual charactersWe also incorporate additional genres into the blues/classical mix with featured guest artists that include:  two-time GRAMMY winner and jazz icon Ernie Watts, the Indian tabla master Sandeep Das (performes in the Silk Road ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma), R&B diva Marcella Detroit (toured with Eric Clapton and wrote Lay Down Sally), two-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew Santos (who sang lead on Lupe Fiasco's hit, Super Star), Sons of the Never Wrong (Folk trio) and 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and blues legend Sam Lay.


For 50 years as a composer and performer I've been in heaven, exploring the territory where the seemingly opposing forces of classical music and blues music meet, complement each other, and bring diverse audiences together.  Seeing this unity in diversity gives me hope for the world.   It's been an ecstatic ride. 

I've completed seven significant Symphonic Blues projects as well as 2 big-selling blues/classical recordings on the classical label Deutsche Gramophone with performances as guest soloist for top-tier orchestras that include, New York Philharmonic, National Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, NHK in Japan, and Boston Symphony Orchestra.

"A grand success in a multitude of ways; box office, new audience, and artistically … A remarkable virtuoso, a refined musician with imagination … I would go as far as to call him a poet … The music he makes is like witnessing a miracle.”   – La Presse – Montréal – Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal – Conductor - Charles Dutoit.

 And I've completed three Chamber Blues recordings, with two on the blues label Alligator Records:


Main Ensemble:  Corky Siegel (composer, harmonica, piano, vocal);  Jaime Gorgojo (violin) from Madrid;  Chihsuan Yang (violin and Chinese eru) from Taiwan;  Dave Moss (viola);  Jocelyn Butler Shoulders (cello).  Guests: Frankie Donaldson (percussion and tabla); Sandeep Das (tabla); Marcella Detroit, Sam Lay, Sons of the Never Wrong (vocals); Ernie Watts (saxophone); Matthew Santos (vocal and beatbox).  Production: The Siegels and Ken Goerres.


1) Missing Persons Blues - Op. 26 - by C. Siegel - with Ernie Watts [saxophone]    

 2) One - by C. & H. Siegel - with Matthew Santos [vocal]    

3) Time Will Tell Overture - Op. 25 - by C. Siegel - with Sandeep Das [tabla]    

4) Lay Down Sally - by M. Levy & E. Clapton, Arr. by C. Siegel - with Marcella Detroit [vocals]     

5) Angel Food Cake - by C. Siegel [vocal]   

 6)  Shadows in the Shoe Box - by M. Santos, Arr. C. Siegel - with Matthew Santos [vocal and guitar]    

 7) I'll Fly Away - by A. Brumley, Arr. by C. Siegel - with Sons of the Never Wrong [vocals, mandolin and guitar]    

 8) Italian Shuffle - by C. Siegel - Insert of Flip Flop & Fly by J. Stone - with Sam Lay [vocal]    

 9) Galloping Horses - [trad.] Arr. by C. Siegel - with Matthew Santos [beat box], Chihsuan Yang [erhu]     

 10-11) Counter Intuitive - Op. 24 (Part 1 & 2) - by C. Siegel    

12) The Sky Will Fall - by C. Siegel [vocal]   


I owe my musical life to the blues masters that personally took me under their wing including - Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, Little Walter - and to Maestro Seiji Ozawa and William Russo.  The juxtaposition of blues and classical was not only Seiji's idea, but he made it happen.  Thank you my dear ones.  

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