Constellation Half-Remembered

by UMAMI Performance


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Thanks for taking the time to read about us and our work. We are Aaron Swartzman, and Aiko Kinoshita, UMAMI Performance, a collaborative movement duo based out of Seattle since 2006. We combine improvised and choreographed material to create movement metaphors grounded in the extraordinariness of the everyday.  In our newest, most ambitious work to date, Constellation Half-Remembered, we are tackling the beautifully complex subject of accumulated memories by creating a series of interconnected site-specific events; a sort of performance constellation to map the territory of how we experience memory in our lives.

Since our last evening-length work, Home | Bodies (2009), we have been focusing on small, simple projects to deepen our creative process, and explore collaboration with other artists in new ways.  From this patient process, a bold, large scale project has emerged, sweeping us off our feet and gathering dynamic and inspiring collaborators along the way.  Constellation Half-Remembered will be comprised of 7-10 multidisciplinary events in both traditional and non-traditional venues, performed throughout the Puget Sound area over a several week span in Spring/Summer 2013.  INSCAPE, Seattle’s former Immigration and Naturalization Services Building, will serve as the cornerstone location for the project, providing a logistical home-base, as well as being the performance venue for the first and last events in the series.

Each event will feature a different mix of collaborators working to create multiple perspectives on the same "narrative".  Collaborators include Amy Denio and Beth Fleenor (composers), Amiya Brown (light design and technical direction), Kathryn Padberg (video), and Julia Hensley (visual artist).  Other collaborators will include a writer, additional visual artists and up to 3 additional dancers.

The diversity of venues and collaborators provides a unique artistic opportunity.  Each event will be distinct and relative to its location, yet part of the larger whole; a rich formal exercise working with theme and variation at multiple sites.  We will use different combinations of artistic mediums and performers to depict, alter and re-create both those memories held by individuals and those held by places, shedding light on how memories are malleable, impermanent, and central to the narrative of who we are.

Many key ingredients are in place and momentum is building.  We’ve been generating movement material and improvisaitonal scores and have already presented short in-progress pieces based on our research into memory.  We have our core group of collaborators on board and are in the process of selecting sites for the series.  Most importantly, we’ve got a clear vision for this project, and the experience necessary to bring it into being.

We need your help to manifest this vision. The project is ambitious, but it is also scalable. Reaching our $4000 minimum goal enables us to pay our core group of collaborators and create a constellation comprising 7 site-based events. Any funds raised over our minimum will help us to realize our fuller vision, with a larger cast of collaborators and a constellation of 8 to 10 events.  All funds raised through this campaign will go to paying artists' fees.  Other production expenses will be covered through additional revenue sources and fundraising.

We believe in the power of community. We believe in YOU! Please help us realize this project’s fullest potential by giving what you can; every amount is helpful.  Thank you for supporting this work and our first ever web campaign!

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