Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians

by Joan Cartwright


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My name is Joan Cartwright, lovingly known as Diva JC. I am a jazz and blues vocalist, composer of over 60 songs, and author of 10 books on poetry, music history, women in music and songs. Since 1990, I have researched and written on the subject of women in music.  My book Amazing Musicwomen catalogues the lives of 40 women in jazz and blues.  For my Master’s in Communications, I wrote three papers that became my book A History of African-American Jazz and Blues. The first paper, The Sign of The Blues was published in 1983, in the International Association of Jazz Educators Journal and presented at this conference in San Antonio, TX. 

My paper “Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians” discusses the systematic omission of women from big bands, except all-female bands, and the importance of hiring women musicians for music projects, especially, jazz projects. The paper has been accepted for publication and presentation at the British & American Studies Conference (BAS), May 17-19, 2012, in Timisoura, Romania. [] The organizers agree to waive my registration fee, provide accommodations and organize a concert for me with a Romanian Quartet. All I must do is pay my travel expenses. 

Also, one of my songs “The Glory Road” has been chosen out of 30 submissions to Donne in Musica for their Donne in Jazz 2012 performances in November-December 2012.  []  After I leave Romania, I want to visit Rome, Italy, for a few days to meet with the selection committee of Donne in Musica.  One of the members of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. that I founded in 2007, lives in Rome, so I will have accommodations, there.  []

My plan is to fly Miami - Geneva, Switzerland, where some of my friends who are musicians are arranging concerts for me, during the last week of May, so that I have sufficient funds to cover my living expenses, at home, while I make this trip.  The flight to Switzerland will be round-trip, while the other flights will be Zurich-Romania-Rome-Zurich on Easy Jet. Having toured Europe from 1990-1998, this will be a wonderful reunion for me and several musicians I worked with during that period, plus a great opportunity to perform at some of the venues, where we worked.


    • April 20, 2012 Carol Nethen West Artist

      Joan, Hi! Maybe you are home based in Miami? I have a Master in Studio Composition and Production from U of Miami ( 1983). I hope to give you some inspiration and inspire others more able than I to contribute $$. I appreciate your work very much. All of my professional life has been quite a reality-defying experience as a woman COMPOSER of JAZZ. Also as a film score composer. I have heard the phrase " not bad... for a girl" many times. Sometimes, that I am a woman, has worked to my advantage in such a male dominated field because I stand out - people remember me becasue there are just not many women composers. Well, you know the story. Hey, I also want to say that the smart guys are members of Women in Film and the smart guys treat me like a QUEEN in the studio, the more money per hour, going down, the better. Please listen to my jazz CD "What Twilight Tells Me" on lastfm for further inspiration. If you are from Miami, you will know lots of people at the Univeristy. Ron Miller was my comp teacher there. Good luck! Thank you for your work!!!

      • April 20, 2012 Joan Cartwright Artist

        Carol, Thanks for your encouragement! I live in Fort Lauderdale. Did you go to UM? I went to FAU in Boca. Do you live here or out of state? I always ask my audiences to name 3 female classical composers. Few can do it. I salute you as a fellow composers. I will search your CD. Mine are at CDBaby just search Joan Cartwright or go to my website Stay in touch. JC

    • April 19, 2012 Marjorie Rusche Artist

      Best of luck, Joan!

      • April 20, 2012 Joan Cartwright Artist

        Thanks so much Marjorie. Are you a composer as well? JC

    • March 19, 2012 Letitia Ruffin Cartwright Community Member

      Hey SIster, Brother and I will be sure to aid you in this awesome venture!!! You are also making happen for artists on a whole!!! But I love it that you also focus on young artists!!! You are a blessing!!! The fruit of your labor is paying off!!! Wish that I could be in the suitcase!!! Love and respect and thanks, from woman to woman and sister to sister!!! Mrs. Letitia Ruffin Cartwright, The Wife!!!

      • March 22, 2012 Joan Cartwright Artist

        Dear Letitia, Thank you for your message. I know this trip will be a boon to the work we're doing with Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. Look forward to seeing your donation on this page! Love, JC (The Sister)