Concert Chimes to Laredo and Beyond: Awareness Through Music

by Linda Tutas Haugen


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Acclaimed orchestral piece, inspired by the organ transplantation journey, needs concert chime stands and cases to travel the world!

Thanks to the support of 61 generous donors, after 19 days of fundraising, we have surpassed our minimum goal and reached 63 percent! The concert chime stands have been ordered for the Laredo concert! I am thrilled by such incredible support for my work and the commitment to raising awareness for organ donation and transplantation. I cannot thank you enough! With your help, this project will reach its full potential to purchase the much-needed shipping cases for the chimes. For this to happen, we must continue raising the bar all the way to the final goal of $8,300! Please donate today or share this page with your friends and family! Thank you so much for your support.

The Idea

I’m Linda Tutas Haugen, a composer living and working in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I was commissioned by the National Kidney Foundation to compose music for symphony orchestra to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the first successful organ transplant.  My piece, Transformations of Darkness and Light premiered during the 2004 U.S. Transplant Games in Minneapolis, on a program celebrating the journey of transplantation.  The music has been acclaimed as “life affirming,” “transcendent,” and “unforgettable,” and has received standing ovations at its premiere and subsequent performances in Minnesota.  

With your support, this piece can reach its full potential. The final phase is to obtain portable concert chime stands and shipping cases to allow for performances throughout the US. The first concert is on April 5, 2014, by American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) award-winning orchestra for innovative programming, the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra in Texas!

Writing The Music

Originally, I knew very little about the transplant process -- only what I had read or heard on the news. As part of my research, I interviewed people who were waiting for a transplant, organ recipients, donor families who had lost a loved one, transplant surgeons, and nurses. To meet these people and hear their stories was life-changing.

I came to realize that the organ donation and transplantation journey involves many of the most profound emotions that we experience: despair, loss, hope, perseverance, joy, renewal, and redemption. It also embodies the fragility, transience, and interdependence of life. I created Transformations of Darkness and Light, a 25-minute composition in four movements, with each movement inspired by a literary text that reflects these profound human emotions. To hear excerpts from the piece, please click here.

The Chimes and Awareness Through Music

A major part of what makes Transformations of Darkness and Light a musically innovative, powerful, and unique experience, is that the final movement features 30 sets of tuned concert wind chimes that surround the audience, and one large 57” chime within the percussion section. The chimes first ring in the middle of the movement while the orchestra reaches the climax of the piece, and then continue to ring for several minutes on their own, untouched, after the orchestra has faded away.  It is an uplifting and ethereal celebration of the gift of life. LifeSource, our regional organ procurement organization, has successfully partnered with orchestras to promote awareness for organ donation, with educational kiosks and information available at concerts.You can experience this by watching this video.

The Challenge, Solution, and Schedule

Transformations of Darkness and Light has been unable to be performed outside of Minnesota because of lack of portable equipment. For each previous performance, a crew and truck were needed to load, construct, and unload seven heavy timber frame constructed chime stands. These timber stands are 8 feet tall, and not feasible to ship. Reliable, protective cases are also necessary to ship both the chimes and the stands.

7 portable chime stands designed by Garry Kvistad of Woodstock Chimes in Shokan, NY, and 4 sturdy shipping cases from Atlas Cases in Denver, CO will make transport and future performance of this piece possible and sustainable.

- Both the stands and cases have been pre-ordered and will only be made if this project is fully funded. They will arrive in time to send materials to Laredo, TX.

- If funded, the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Brendan Townsend, will perform Transformations of Darkness and Light on April 5, 2014.


In 25 days: To raise $8,300 to purchase portable stands and shipping cases for 30 sets of large concert wind chimes. The chimes will be used for a performance of my piece, Transformations of Darkness and Light, by the Laredo Philharmonic in Laredo, Texas on April 5, 2014. These stands and cases will allow the piece to travel and be performed by orchestras anywhere. My minimum goal is to raise $3,000, which will pay for the 7 concert chime stands. My maximum goal of $8,300 will also include the purchase of 4 shipping cases. All donations will fund the following:

- 7 portable stands

- 4 protective shipping cases  

- Any extra funds go toward future shipping costs

Thank You!

The music has been written, performed using innovative instrumentation, successfully engaged audiences in Minnesota, and led orchestras to partner with organ procurement organizations as a means for donor education and awareness. My dream is for this piece to be performed anywhere in the U.S. and abroad allowing the music to touch people’s hearts, and through increased donor registration, make a difference to those who are waiting for a transplant. If funded, this will result in many additional performances that will move my music forward. I am offering many wonderful perks: one unique perk allows for a name (someone involved in the organ donation/transplantation process: donor, recipient, health care professional, etc.) to be inscribed on an individual chime. See all perks below.

We have 25 days to make this performance happen. Please support this project now: the minimum of $3,000 must be fully funded to receive any donations. Please forward this to your friends and anyone you think might be interested, so that together we can reach this goal!!!

About the Perks

All of these awesome perks and art are exclusive to and available only from this project! A few additional details and links:

NOTE: Additional shipping charge on all perks delivered outside the US. Contact artist for details.

NOTE: The following perks will be fulfilled by April 5, 2014: 1) Two tickets to the April 5, 2014 performance in Laredo, Texas; 2) Be one of six concert wind chime ringers during the April 5, 2014 performance in Laredo. Postcards from Laredo will be sent the week of the Laredo concert. All other perks will be fulfilled by June 2014.

- MP3 download of We Shall Never Say Goodbye, song for soprano, flute, cello and piano by Linda Tutas Haugen

- MP3 download of In the Shadow, I Will Sing! choral work with piano by Linda Tutas Haugen

- MP3 downloads, autographed CDs, and autographed DVDs of Transformations of Darkness and Light are from an outstanding performance by the St. Olaf Orchestra, Steven Amundson, Conductor, the 2013 winner of the American Prize in Orchestral Performance

- Four custom designed cards (5.5” x 8.5”) with Transformations of Darkness and Light text quotations

- Commemorative Wind Chime: an 11-inch mini chime crafted by Woodstock Chimes

Artwork: All three original watercolor triptychs were created in response to the music of “Transformations of Darkness and Light.” See a preview of this artwork in the “Updates” section or at the links below.

Transform, a limited edition original watercolor triptych by artist Angela N. Nitschke (three 14” x 14” prints totaling 14” x 42”)

How the Water Feels to the Fishes (“Fish”), a limited edition original watercolor triptych by artist Anders Nienstaedt (one 25” x 10.5” print)

Abstract, a limited edition original watercolor triptych by artist Ann Erickson (two  21.75” x 7.5” prints and one 25” x 22” print)

    • March 20, 2014 Linda Tutas Haugen Artist

      Dear Friends, Let's celebrate! We reached our goal of 100% funding!!! Many thanks to everyone who supported my project and made this possible! It would not have happened without all of you! Your compassion and generosity will allow this piece to travel to Laredo and the world, and raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation! *Any extra funds raised will go toward the additional expenses of insurance, and future shipping costs.* I am so grateful to friends, family, colleagues, and those I have not met, THANK YOU from my entire being!!! Linda

    • March 18, 2014 Linda Tutas Haugen Artist

      Dear 92 Incredible Supporters, We have ONE DAY left! We have raised 92% of our goal with $644 left to fund!!! You are all amazing, thank you so much for your generosity! With some urgency, please share this project today with family, friends, and anyone you think might be interested! We WILL reach this goal soon, the countdown is happening now! :) Linda