Coming or Going Re-incarnation/Recycle

by Sparkle Joy Arroyo


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My name is Sparkle Joy Arroyo I am a sculpture and painter. Today I come to ask you to give a contribution toward the $7,600 I am raising to complete a sculpture in the round. I would greatly appreciate any amount you can give to help me make this piece a reality. Your gifts will be used to purchase materials which include wood, hardwood, moldings, paints, canvas, hardware, and tools that will make creating this project possible. 

It was the recent loss of my grandmother that caused me to realize that we as a society are changing so quickly that we are losing our past before we even know what we are missing. It also made me realize that there is never a better time to explore and recognize how humans progress through this transition as none of us know when we will progress to the next level.

 This project is a set of double doors framed to be free standing measuring 6’x8’ total.  In viewing the doors closed from one side there will be 4 painted panels representing the tree of life from seedling to death. On the other side of the door the panels will be painted with possible experiences of the soul after death. The hand carved rails and stiles carved with flowers on the side of life and bones in the land of the dead echoed in the handmade hinges, knobs, skeleton locks and keys. Both sides of the doors will be different in both painted scenes and carvings on the wood. It is by balancing a combination of nature’s symbols of life and symbols used by man to represent death to complete the final piece.

The paintings for the panels will be worked on canvas and adhered to the doors during assembly. Then the wood for the stiles and rails will be ran through the plainer, measured, cut, and dry fitted before being carved. I plan to use biscuits, glue, and brads to assemble the wood together for the door panels. The choice of woods and colors are intended to compliment the symbols carved and painted or foiled within.  The final parts to be constructed will be the frame which will hold the doors upright ready for use.

 Finally, I want to thank you in advance for your generous gifts. Please look through the perks offered below, give any amount you can, and remember that a portion of your contribution will be tax deductable. Please give any amount you can because without your help this project may never get an opportunity to be complete. So I ask you once more to help me raise $7,600 that is needed to make Reincarnation happen. 

    • November 08, 2012 Sparkle Joy Arroyo Artist

      So I have finished the first half of mock up for the side that shows the rendition of the tree in the cycle of life. So it is on to the next panel and the other half of the mock up. I will be adding photo's of this half to the showcase and the other half as soon as completed.