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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2013


by Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman


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Once in a while there is a performance that changes what it means to see a dancer perform... Like the greatest performances, [Colony] creates a situation that alters the way we encounter the world outside of the theater. [It] is a piece that's at the forefront of changing the way we define dance and choreography… As someone who teaches courses in dance history and contemporary performance, I consider it required viewing. 

            Kate Mattingly, dance writer and professor

We are Kelly Bond and Melissa Krodman, experimental choreographers and performing artists living in separate cities but making work together since 2010. We debuted our piece Colony in 2012 and have since presented it twice in each of our respective cities of Philadelphia and Washington, DC – totaling 15 performances and an academic presentation at UCLA for the Congress on Research in Dance. The feedback from audiences and critics has been humbling and overwhelming. We feel that now is the time to respond to the momentum that Colony is gathering, and this is why we need your help. Over the next nine months, we are planning to bring Colony to five new performance settings, including festivals and presenting venues that have invited the piece but that do not have the funds to pay for travel and production costs. Nonetheless, we feel that engaging these audiences will be mutually beneficial and for that we need a minimum of $8,200.

At the heart of our artistic work is an inquiry into the relationships between performers and audiences—the socialization and expectations of these roles and how they relate to our lives outside the theater. As makers and performers of experimental dance, our goal—even when wrapped inside other conceptual inquiries—is to have a real-time relationship with you and for that interaction to lead to questioning, thinking about, experiencing, or simply noticing what comes up. Colony speaks directly to questions of societal conditioning—such as ideas of the individual versus the herd, conformity and resistance, desire and repression—by not only addressing, but creating a space for active involvement and decision-making on the part of the spectator. We learn from your choices as much as we hope you gain from experiencing our work, which speaks to the importance of sharing the piece with diverse audiences. This will help to inform the work itself and will have an impact on our future investigations.

To fully realize the impact of this piece and to enrich our artistic development and creation processes, we are currently seeking and responding to opportunities to present Colony domestically and internationally. We will tour to five cities from September 2013 through May 2014. Colony will be in Karlstad, Sweden, for the Abundance International Dance Festival in September, and following this we will take the piece to New Orleans Fringe in November 2013. We have been invited to perform Colony at an experimental performance festival at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in March 2014 and at Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles (April or May 2014, TBC). And finally, we are in discussion to perform Colony in rural Worthington, Massachusetts (February 2014, TBC).

The opportunities that have arisen as of now still require significant if not full financial commitment from us. Each comes with expenses that include travel for rehearsals and performances, studio rental fees, and in some situations, marketing and production costs. We would be so grateful for your help in raising the minimum of $8,200 needed to cover these expenses. Please note that our budget does not include any artist fees for ourselves, our technical director Justin Rose, or sound designer Greg Svitil. We anticipate covering their fees out of ticket sales, possible grant funding, or in some cases, out of pocket. Your contribution would go directly toward the immediate costs of touring. In the event that you so generously help to overfund our project (oh, how glorious!), we hope to attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference in New York in January 2014. Although the registration and membership costs are quite significant ($1,145 each, not including transportation, room or board), we feel that this international conference will serve as an invaluable professional development opportunity. We are constantly grateful to have so many outspoken supporters of our work and appreciate your willingness to consider supporting us with a monetary donation. Thank you and as we say in Colony: WE’RE IN LOVE WITH YOU!

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