Club Macchia

by Jerry Ross


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Club Macchia is a painters group based in Oregon deriving its main inspiration from the Italian I Macchiaioli.

The "macchia" is a quickly executed 2 or 4-value sketch, usually in paint on canvas, but can also be a color study limited to at most seven colors.

The Italian I Macchiaioli worked during the Italian Risorgimento (revolution for natonal independence and unity) and the many artists participating in this struggle learned to work quickly and spontaneosly.  There was an important social and political aspect to their work known as "social verismo."

Here in Oregon, the group has had one large exhibit to date (Newport Visual Center's exhibit "American Verismo" in March/April 2012 and is planning another under "Club Macchia" for Brownsville, Oregon.

The group also has conducted plein air workshops at the "Angels Flight Road Art Center" on the McKenzie River and plans more if these at this and other locations.

The "Club Macchia Project" in a nutshell is to raise money that will be allocated as follows:

1. rent rural facilities (meeting/work spaces) for art instruction workshops

2. document our art exhibits by publishing a catalogue for each show

3. print advertisements, publicity, brochures, posters

Match Funds are not currently available.

Previous donations matched by:

    • December 12, 2012 Jerry Ross Artist

      Anyone donating $2000 will be the proud owner of this unique portrait: "Principessa del Festa" 3 x 4 feet oil on canvas, framed will ship to your home Description: inspired by the joust festival in Arezzo, Tuscany for the costume -- but this "princess" of the festa has a pastel colored hat that turns into a kundalini serpent (symbolizing sexuality and life energy) that winds around her torso, Picasso style. The face is in the style of Ingres (French painter) with delicate line used to model the forms.

    • November 25, 2012 Diane Bush Artist

      Jerry, I would offer a portrait of the donor, for the top donation perk.....just saying.....

    • November 17, 2012 Jerry Ross Artist

      Aragon Alpacas is hosting the Alpaca Breeders Connection 'Fleece Navidad' fair this year! 33005 Dillard Road, Eugene. Stop by and say hello, and many thanks to Ann and Mike for allowing us to paint on their beautiful farm all these years. 'Fleece Navidad' is always fun and aftfilled! Sunday, Nov 18th 10a-5p Club Macchia will have a booth there too, with all of their fine landscape paintings!