by Kristin Dowdy


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Minimum reached! We are now going for the max goal of $3250. Thank you for your continued support.

My project is a creative project in dance called CityScapes.  I would like to compose a series of vignettes that explore the different personalities of cities, the people, and the landmarks within those cities.  Every city offers visitors and residents a different vibe than the next metropolis.  The pieces will personify each city’s attributes, show the audience the differences between these various municipalities, and provide the audience a brief taste of that city if they visited or moved to that location.  My objective is to take the audience on a vacation to these popular cities and give them an aesthetic and sensory impression of the city.  The project will culminate as an evening dance production featuring the vignettes.

My first vignette is based on the nature of New York City.  This piece will explore the bustle of the city from just before sunrise to the denouement.   It is a representation of the physical skyline as well as the residents and tourists within the city; however, it is also a metaphorical interpretation of the personality of the city that explores the day to day happenings as well as the emotional impact the city has on its inhabitants.  The overall theme is the personification of New York that has been abstractly analyzed from various physical and psychological angles and translated into dance.  The three other cities include San Francisco, St. Louis, and New Orleans. 

I am currently working on this project as my Capstone Thesis for the Ball State University Honors College.  I was first inspired by a colloquia class based on the aesthetic of city and I decided I wanted to further explore the concept through a medium with which I relate.  Through this project I will continue to hone my choreographic skills, direct and organize a medium length production, as well as gain skills in music editing. 

My fundraising goal is $2,500 to cover the costs of props, costumes, music, theatre space as well as some partial time compensation.  My present budget is $500 for costumes, makeup, and accessories, $500 space rental, $500 travel expenses for research, $250 for the purchase and rental of props, $200 for music and the editing process, a $300 compensation for time, $150 for programs and advertising, and $100 for unanticipated expenditures.  In the event that there is an excess budget, I would be able to rent space for another night of performance, continue my on site research or make a donation back to USA Projects to fund another Arts Project.  I sincerely thank you for your time and many thanks for helping me in my future endeavors.  Your generosity is much appreciated.

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