Changing Woman

by Patricia Ariel


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The Changing Woman project began to take shape as I realized that, through my work in traditional art portraiture, I was helping in a process of personal transformation by making my clients to see themselves through a different perspective. As an artist who has always been interested in using art as a transformational tool, I found that my work as a portrait artist could help others, specially women, so oppressed by unattainable standards of beauty, to find their inner value and change their lives. My project's goal is to create twenty-one fine art portraits of women who have struggled to find their places in the current society, who suffered situations of abuse and injustice, but that fought against them and thrived, having the potential to be transformed, through the lens of art, into role models for other women. The project is not only directed toward my growth as an artist, exercising my way to capture the inner essence of my subjects and translate them into visual language, but it has also a social and healing dimension.

The “Changing Woman” is a myth of the` Navajo people, and represents the personification of the Earth, the seasons, and the cycles of life, which I find appropriate to represent women's strengths and nurturing nature, but also the human ability to change themselves and the world around them. It is also evocative of times where women were appreciated as givers of life, and played important and respectful roles in their society. Realistic in style, created in mixed-media, the portraits will be infused with the symbolism of the natural world, connecting those women with their roots as healers, sorceresses, and bridges between the spiritual and the physical.

From real stories of women of different ages, colors, and upbringings, will come the inspiration to conceptualize and execute the portraits. The pieces will be exhibited in a gallery show and featured in an art book, along with the stories of the women who inspired them. A “behind the scenes” video of the project will also be produced, documenting the creative process and showing testimonies of the women who collaborated with their images and stories. Limited edition prints of the final artworks will be produced and their sales proceeds will help an organization that support women's rights.

Our minimum fundraising goal for this campaign is $2,500, destined to cover the necessary expenses with art supplies, framing, professional scanning, and honorarium for three months of work. Should we surpass the minimum goal, the funds will help cover the initial estimates toward the project's full completion, which includes electronic equipment for the production of quality graphic results, production and shipping of physical perks, and gallery reception, among others.

Thank you for your interest in the project and for your collaboration. To keep up with the project's updates, please visit: