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This project was successfully funded on February 16, 2018

Carli Naff- "Horrible Talker" EP & Music Video

by Carli Naff


Due to a surprising lack of press coverage on music that is not yet released, I have gathered some reviews from... my friends:

“Her vocals and music are mesmerizing, taking you with her on her journey as well as propelling you into your own." -Justin Campbell

"Like Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson had a voice baby," -Lauren Lovinger

"Carli Naff has always had a gorgeous voice... But with her first album, she establishes the artistry behind this voice. The lyrics are poetic and considered... the production is thoughtful and moving. And the voice, which has for so long interpreted other people's songs, soars under the weight of her own words." -Paul Thomson

"Carli's voice is just the best one there is. It's not subjective." -Alex Lemonier

“When I listen to her sing, I experience an incredibly deep emotional response.  At times, tears flood seemingly without any reason (in a good way!).  But there is a reason - it's because she connects deeply with your heart.  And she sings about feelings that you maybe didn't even know you had...” -Anne Bertsch

WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON: I, Carli, (see what I did there?) will be recording and releasing my first original music. I will be journeying through recording, mixing and mastering, designing the album and singles, and creating my debut music video with an incredibly talented team. This Indie/Folk/Rock EP is musically inspired by bands like The Alabama Shakes, Big Thief, Fleetwood Mac, The War on Drugs, Lucius, and The Staves (to name a few), and is written and sung by yours truly. I am so excited to officially step into my career as a singer-songwriter and finally share my music with you!

BEHIND THE MUSIC: I have always dreamed of being a singer songwriter, but if you had asked me one year ago, this album would have been nothing more than a fantasy. In fact, I had never even written a song. In the last year, the call to songwriting has been loud and intense. And scary. But, in taking action against these fears, I have found indescribable magic, strength, self-worth, and freedom, and the songs for this album have poured out of me through the process. The songs are all extremely personal and specific. They have been a release for my heart, and I hope for them to serve yours in the same way.

WHO'S ASKING: Myself, as an independent artist, and my producer (film) Courtney Ward of Sparkle Fairy Productions, LLC- a brand new production company, interested in investigating what lies beyond our perceptions.

WHAT WE ARE ASKING FOR: All funds from this campaign will go towards a very detailed budget covering production costs for both the EP and music video (recording, mixing and mastering, creative team, crew, travel to studios in Chicago and Tucson, album artwork, online distribution to streaming platforms, craft services, equipment rentals, editing, and MUCH more). None of this will be possible without your help. Whether you donate or share, your support means a lot to me! I am living for the joy of sharing my art with you.

WHAT'S NEXT: If we surpass our target goal, additional funds will be used to pay for:

1. PR and Marketing. Yes, this music will be available to stream on Spotify, BUT in order for it to reach outisde of my circle, I have to get it in front of people, circulate it in the market, submit it to songwriting contests, local radio stations-- try to make my voice heard.

2. A second music video that is already in the works

3. Costs for an Album Release concert!

Once the music is written, my plan is to put a band together and start playing local venues around NYC. After that, I plan to keep writing and eventually go on tour!

FOR MORE: If you want to see updates on the Hatchfund process and be the first to hear the music as it’s released, please follow me on social media!

Instagram: @carliandthecarls

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