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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2018

Camera Lucida Fire Sculpture Burning Man 2018

by Bill Evans for Camera Lucida LLC



This project came about because, to paraphrase Larry Harvey, "I saw something I wasn't looking for." The video above explains how the serendipity of making and then experimenting with my Twilight Suit lead me to saying, “Wouldn't it be cool to light these photos with fire instead, and give everyone the chance to take these kind of photos themselves?”

The Twilight Suit and the typical photos it took: 


So that’s exactly what we’re doing, we're building this sculpture to let anyone take photos with fire as the light source, and we’re looking for your help to bring it to the Playa this year.

I certainly wasn't looking to become a fire sculptor, but now apparently I am. Thanks Larry!

Any of you coming to the Burn this year will be able to take photographs at twilight or night time using your own camera or any smartphone. You’ll control the fire and decide how to use it. It even comes with an optional selfie switch that will trigger the fire automatically so you can capture yourself, and then download the images in the default world.


This is a project driven by our passion to create something for any Burner to participate in and create a warmly-lit memory to take home. It’s a bit like how our forebearers got all dressed up to create those lasting studio portraits revered by generations to come.

 How are you going to take your photo with Camera Lucida? 

Every gift matters, from small to large. We are grateful for them all. The entire project team is volunteers.

All gifts made to our Hatchfund campaign are tax-deductible for US citizens EIN: 47-0749200.


Specialist Volunteers needed!

The project is still looking for an electrical controls expert, the selfie camera web download expert, and people trained in Fire Safety and Fire Arts to assist in various roles pre and on Playa.

Please contact if you are interested and have these skills.

We are making good progress. Here is an image from our fire prototype taken with an iPhone camera. Fire art by our amazing team member Tom Nead.


Perk Preview 



For a $100 tax deductible donation get this beautiful handmade pewter pendant that is brass plated to look just like the brass features on the sculpture, made by artist Tzipora Hoynik.





An awesome hardcover chronicle of how the sculpture came about, how it looked on the Playa and some cool photos taken with it.

Sunset photo shoot Meet the artist at the sculpture at dusk one evening during the Burn for a professionally-taken, fire-lit portrait. Choose your favorite, which will then be archival giclee printed on art paper (19” x 13”) and sent along with the digital files to you after the event. Images will be fire-lit versions similar to photos taken in previous years by the artist using his Twilight Suit.