• Posted August 14, 2017
    We can't believe it---the Temple burns in just 20 days! Our team has arrived on playa and is hard at work building for you! Take a look at some of the first images from the team on the playa!

    We are now on our last day of our campaign and we've raised an amazing $95k! We could not have done this without all of the amazing support from you all!

    With our team on the playa, we will be following up on getting all of the perks out to you when we are back in September!

    Thank you!!

    With love and gratitude,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted July 27, 2017
    Hello Temple Supporters!

    We're hard at work at preparing your perks! If you haven't already heard from us, you'll be hearing from us shortly.

    Check out the photos of the first drafts of the laser-etched wall hangings and also the amazing pendants recently finished. We're so excited about them!

    The Temple Crew is hard at work and is getting ready to head out to the playa to begin building your Temple!

    Please continue to share the campaign with your communities---we're so close to the finish line!

    With love and gratitude,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted July 18, 2017
    Hello Temple Supporters!

    In our last week we met our base goal of $70k and even surpassed $80k with your support! Thank you to each and every one of you that has contributed to the Temple and shared our campaign this year!

    With the milestone of reaching our base goal, Hatchfund has graciously extended our campaign an additional month for us to aim for our stretch goal of $100k. All additional donations will provide much needed funds for getting the Temple to the playa this year. Donations will be going towards transportation, heavy equipment rental for the build, and infrastructure for the build and for our volunteer crew.

    Please continue to share and promote within your communities to help us reach our stretch goal!

    For those that have donated, we will be getting in touch with you shortly to get any additional information needed so we can get your perks moving.

    We CANNOT wait to bring the Temple to you!

    Much Love,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted July 12, 2017
    We have hit our fundraising base target and the Temple is coming to Black Rock City. Thank you to all who have supported and embraced the Temple. From the deepest place in our hearts: thank you!

    We have several days left on our campaign and we are pushing towards our stretch goal. Any additional donations we receive will give us much needed funds for bringing the Temple to the desert.

    Thank you!!

    Much Love and Gratitude,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted July 09, 2017
    The Temple is built with love by and for the community. So many of us have special connections with the Temple and that is why we are working so hard to bring this special piece to the playa once again. As we approach our final week of our campaign, we would like to share Dave's story about the Temple and what it means to him.


    With much love,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted July 06, 2017

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    Author: Temple 2017
    We are so excited to report that we've hit $60k! We're so close to our base goal and 60% to our stretch goal. It's so amazing the amount of love and support we've gotten from you all!

    Check out the attached video for a sneak peak into the 3D modeling that our amazing design team has worked through in the development for this year's Temple!

    If you are local to the Bay Area, please join us this Sunday at 6 pm for our Ecology of the Temple event at the East Bay Community Center in Oakland. The event will include a light supper and presentation by Tree (Lee Klinger, PhD) to learn more about this year's Temple and the ecological issues facing today's world. We hope to see you there!

    Information, rsvping and tickets are available here:


    We have just 9 days left in our campaign, so please continue to share with your family and friends and help us to reach our goal!

    Much love,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted June 30, 2017
    Author: Temple 2017
    We are so amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support we've received this week! We have now surpassed the $50k mark (as of writing this we are almost at $54k)!! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Our design team is hard at work finalizing the design while we continue to prepare for the playa. Check out one of their newest renders for a glimpse of what walking through the Temple will be like (in just 2 short months!).

    We have 15 days left in our campaign, so please continue to share with your family and friends and help us to reach our goal---and bring the Temple to the playa!

    Stay tuned for updates next week where we'll be sharing more about the build and stories of our crew!

    Much love,
    The Temple Crew
  • Posted June 27, 2017
    Temple 2017Temple 2017Temple 2017Temple 2017Temple 2017
    Temple 2017 Supporters,
    We are so amazed by and thankful for all of the amazing support we’ve received since launching our Hatchfund project! Thanks to all of our amazing donors we just surpassed $40,000 yesterday with 2.5 weeks still left to go!

    We’re still working hard to reach our fundraising goals, and with awesome supporters like you we’re confident we’ll get there! The community is coming together, both near and far. Last weekend we had an amazing outpouring of support when we hosted our Raise the Temple! fundraiser in San Francisco.

    The project is well under way and we’ve got a great team of volunteers busy working away at our Oakland build site! We recently sent our first set of pedestals on their way to the desert and are busy working on everything from the structure to the lanterns for our beloved Temple. We've included some pictures of our progress and of our amazing fundraising event!

    We’ve recently updated our perks to include a new $500 perk for a laser etched wall hanging of the Temple on Temple wood and a personalized sunset or sunrise photo session with one of the Temple 2017 photographers.

    Stay tuned, we’ll continue to post more updates throughout the remainder of the campaign and we’ll be adding some new, amazing perks soon! You can also follow our build progress on our Temple 2017 Facebook page and Instagram:


    With much love and gratitude,
    The Temple Crew

The Temple is a place of refuge, mourning, and healing. The burn on the final night is a solemn ritual; a cleansing, a rite of passage.