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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2015


by Theatre Kavanah / In Tandem Arts


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Brundibár: A Musical Tale is a contemporary staging of a children's opera written by Hans Krása just prior to the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Brundibár's heroes--the children Aninku and Pepicek--overcome their oppressor, the brash and unmusical organ grinder Brundibár, by rallying the children of the town to sing loudly and beautifully. This simple narrative reminds us that we cannot remain neutral in the face of oppression; we can achieve the seemingly impossible by working together toward common goals. Today, as our community grows and changes, we are hoping the piece will give us tools to discover our commonalities and find our collective voice.

The history of Brundibár is poignant and powerful; while interned at the Terezin concentration camp, Brundibár's creators staged the piece 55 times, delivering a continued message of hope to both the children and adults imprisoned there. With a translated libretto by Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Tony Kushner, our original, contemporary conception of the piece pays homage to Brundibár's past and serves as a rallying point for an end to oppression in the future. We are calling this new imagining Brundibár: A Musical Tale.

Theatre Kavanah and In Tandem Arts will bring Brundibár: A Musical Tale to Burlington's City Hall in March, 2016.

Rather than simply staging a traditional production in a conventional theater, we are constructing Brundibár as a community-driven effort that can involve and engage people on many different levels. Our cadre of committed artists, educators, and community groups will provide multiple entry points for involvement with the production. Brundibár's production team has been working since March 2014 to make this show a reality, and we are grateful to have the commitment of many organizations and talented collaborators, including Burlington City Arts, Very Merry Theatre, No Strings Marionette Theatre, Burlington Public Schools, and The Miller Center for Holocaust Studies at UVM.NOW WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO BRING THE PIECES TOGETHER.A $10 donation will help subsidize tickets to the show for a family of four* $25 donation will allow us to print 20 more posters* A $50 donation will help distribute posters and postcards to youth centers, retirement communities, social services agencies, and other community gathering places* A $100 donation will buy the paint for our setsA $500 donation will print all of our playbills

If we reach our "stretch" goal of $10,000, we will be able to perform with a full orchestra to honor the original work, rather than a piano reduction of the score. Every dollar raised will go toward creating a polished, memorable, and deeply impactful event. Your donation of any amount is needed and appreciated!

On behalf of the Brundibár Production Team, THANK YOU.

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    • June 24, 2015 lillyamy Community Member

      Trish Denton and Wendy Stein, do you know about the Vermont opera company dedicated to producing children's operas, the Opera Theatre of Weston? Perhaps a shared enterprise to produce this opera might make for a wider fundraising net! Wonderful project.