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This project was successfully funded on December 12, 2016

BRASS: The Audio Series. Season 2

by John Longenbaugh


BRASS is the story of a quartet of Victorian Science Geniuses at war with a mysterious Crime Minister who's organized all of the criminal gangs of London. The series is taking place across multiple mediums including short films, stage shows and this, our audio drama.

Season One, currently available on iTunes, is ten episodes introducing us to Lord and Lady Brass and their grown children Cyril and Gwendolyn, each a master of a different set of skills, and explained how on their return to the Capitol after several years abroad they ended up in some harrowing situations as they seek to learn the identity of their enemy.

Now in Season Two, the family escapes from a series of deathtraps only to find that their enemy has further plans for their destruction. For if it's a "War on Crime" that they propose, it's a War they're going to get, as an army assembled from every gang in London descends upon their London townhouse.

Through ten thrilling episodes that reinvent the classic radio adventure serial for the 21st century, we aim to create an audio experience that will create an entire 19th century that never existed, of airships, Babbage computational engines, desperate fights, hair-breadth escapes and other terribly exciting moments with some awfully pleasant people.

We've set an ambitious goal for Season 2 because while we were able to record, produce and distribute Season 1 for around three thousand dollars, it was only because our cast, crew, fx crew, edits and producers all worked for deferred pay. With our goal for Season 2, we'll be able to pay everyone working on this series--not a lot, but something that acknowledges their training and experience.

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