Boys Cry

by Nicole Kruex


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The Terrifying statistics about the act of bullying and the chaos it causes are an unforgivable reality. From missing vital days of education and damages to confidence to acts of extreme peer pressure, contemplation of suicide, or even accidental Juvenal homicide. The effects of bullying are felt by the individual, his or her family, and the community that surrounds them include their peers, teachers, and family.


Boy’s Cry is a true life based fiction film that details the tale of an African raised teenager who’s life takes an incredible turn for the worst when his peers target him for his differences in culture and ultimately force him to engage in acts that without influence, he would never commit.

We are attempting to tell a story with educational and moral value that also faces the harsh realities of teenage malice.??We’ve agreements from Former Miss Black America: Celi Dean, African Best Actor Award Winner: Montel Swaray, and the production team behind the internationally distributed and festival award winning film ‘After the Dawn’.


We begin production FEB 1st, 2013.  Many of us have agreed to work either for free or for scale because we firmly believe in the strength and message behind this project.  However, the film is gaining momentum.  Companies like Target, Subway, and more are taking interest in the project as a community based educational tool as well as teachers and students alike.  In view of that and the growing educational distribution opportunities, we decided to take the time to raise more funds to make sure this project shines.  What we are looking for is additional funds for food, to pay our actors for their time, location fees, or anything else that might arise we were not prepared for pre-production.  The budget for this film is small, but it's content deserves as much as we can give it.  We've placed a minimal value of $6,500 because with that amount we can increase the quality of our project. When this project is complete we will have the ability to raise awareness in a format that this generation understands and responds to.  PLUS YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!  We will be sending it to as many festivals that will receive it as we can afford. Once it's finished it's run the film will be put through distribution channels that we hope can be provided to students across the world.  


Your donations will go to help pay actors, help us with the costs of post production like music, editing, marketing materials, festival distribution, and more.   If we surpass our minimum goal of $6,500 we'll be able to expand upon our project even further with a midwest school tour to show our project to children and teens of all ages and personally be involved in the dialog we are so desperately trying to become a part of.


It is paramount that this story is told as incredibly as we can manage to get it out to the public.  It is paramount that children and teens throughout the world have a story they can identify with... and find solace in knowing they are not alone.  


All we need is a little help to make it better.  Our team has partnered with the Minneapolis educational system to, when completed, provide this film as a teaching aide to begin discussions on bullying.  We've also reached out to Baltimore, Iowa, and are hoping to get as many schools as we can across the nation involved in our fight.  We are sincerely asking for your help, donate, share the project, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook:


You can donate food, equipment, or even just a day to help on set. We are open to all types of product placement, tangible donation, or aide.  The further this project can reach the great the impact it will have on students around the country.

Thank you,

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    • February 23, 2013 Nicole Kruex Artist

      Boys Cry is featured on the news!!

    • February 02, 2013 Samantha Wpg Community Member

      Good luck Nicole :)

    • January 23, 2013 Amy Erickson Community Member

      Ok here goes my personal public confession. I have had some pretty dark times in my life one of which was in 7th grade. I was a victim of bullying all through Junior High School. It got so bad that I tried to overdose at the age of 13 because of all of the pain I kept inside. I felt I had no one to go to, and the people that I had felt the most important to me had turned violently against me. This actually ended up being a pattern that repeated itself several more times throughout my life and really influenced choices I made about relationships and how I viewed myself as a person. For me, my story became one about self awareness and helping others through their own personal traumas. Not everyone who is a victim of bullying gets that opportunity. Things could have ended for me all those years ago. Please help get the word out. Bullying scars. Bullying shatters lives. Bullying kills. My dear cousin Nicole Kruex and her boyfriend Mitchel A. Jones are making a movie about bullying. They need help funding this film. Can you spare just $5 towards something that may save the life of a beautiful soul? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • January 18, 2013 Nicole Kruex Artist

      A plea from our cast members Ceerah and Elijah! Enjoy: