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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2018

Bloom 2018

by Peter Hazel


Bloom premiered at Burning Man for the first time last year in 2017. It was an incredible 40-foot tall jellyfish that captured many visitors’ attention with its intricate glass display. This was Peter’s first attempt at creating a sculpture this large in scale. Burning Man has been gracious enough to give Peter another Honorarium for 2018 and the opportunity to bring Bloom back in its best form. This sculpture needed more time and more funding. That’s why we’re here. Bloom will be perfected and polished this year to reflect the original vision for the piece.

Bloom stands 40 feet tall and invites visitors to climb inside all the way to the top of the dome. Bloom will fundamentally have the same core structure used last year: the giant steel beam, the top dome, and the tentacles. The sculpture consists of a staircase leading up to the first platform, then a set of ladders that lead to the inside of the head of the jellyfish. The head will be comprised of 3200-fused glass jellyfish, which is twice the amount of glass used in the previous year. The extra bowls will be installed in between and on top of each other to give it depth and dimension. The tentacles will be transformed into solid steel that will connect to the ground, and consist of a more organic flow and shape. The LED light show will be enhanced immensely, and will ultimately be the most important part of the piece.

 “After bringing Bloom in 2017, we were able to see people connect with this piece in a new way. We have always created sculptures with only the intent of looking at it. Bloom has truly brought interactivity into Peter’s art. Whether it was climbing to experience the sunrise, or watching the man burn through the dome, we believe this gave people a new perspective on their previous Burning Man experiences and views. It elevated them. It heightened them. It forced many people to come out of their comfort zone, face their fear of heights, and so much more. Our goal was to challenge the way people see and perceive art, and Bloom nailed that. This isn't something you just look at anymore it's something transformational. This piece has shown us how essential it is for people to come together to make something like this happen. It promoted teamwork and human connection. That's what Burning Man is all about. We don't get to experience art in this form many other places, but we absolutely should” - Peter Hazel ArtThe goal is to raise $25,000 in the next two months with this Hatchfund campaign. This will be extremely important for purchasing the LED lighting and the new steel tentacles. If Bloom 2018 gets funded, we can truly finish the piece as originally intended. If the stretch goal of $30,000 is reached, we will be able to purchase many bright solid colors of glass to add to the piece. This year a large portion of the bowls will be made out of recycled liquor bottles that are bright green and blue. With the playa dust at Burning Man, it can make a vast difference to have the bright solid colors incorporated into the piece.

All donations through Hatchfund are tax deductible. We would like to thank everyone who supported Bloom from the beginning, and all of you that are joining us this year. Bloom couldn’t have made it to Burning Man without all of you and Hatchfund has been an incredible organization that made it all possible. THANK YOU.PerksGlass bowl: 

Glass Pendant Maquette

Art Car Art Tour



Build Space with Power: $14,000 (over 5 months)
- Glass: $5,000
- Steel: $5,000
- LED Lighting: $20,000
Power: $5,000
Tools: $1,000
Transportation: $5,000
Crew support on playa: $1,500 (7 days)
Safety and LNT: $500
Total: $57,000