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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2017

blackBOX studio takes flight

by Cole Reed


I have been building and creating mixed media and furniture works of art inspired by salvaged materials for 2 decades. In this time I developed a style of work that highlights collaboration over competition and I continually reinvests in other makers and artists that can benefit from an encouraging word, a kick in the pants, or access to resources. It is the goal of this project to take my work and our resources to the next level.

My wife and I bought a home last year very intentionally with a large backyard perfectly suited for a productive workshop. The shop will be built here to best utilize the funds raised. Beginning this summer, a concrete foundation will be laid with power and water plans in place, then the building structure will be raised next spring and fully operational by this time next year.

I am looking to raise $15,000 to launch blackBOX studios, a design initiative that will house my furniture designs, build a pathway for future success for my creations and "make the road wider" for other makers and creators, especially those of color.

$6,000 will be used to design and execute prototypes for 3 furniture pieces suited for larger scale production than to initiate the production run by getting the prototypes in front of manufacturers. $4,000 will be used to deliver gifts for this campaign, approximately $1,500 (10% of total raised) will be going to Hatchfund for their amazing platform to support artists. Than $3,500 will be added to the money we have saved (we have sold everything but our teeth) to contribute to building a workshop to offer inspired & productive space for building along with space for collaboration, mentorship opportunities and access to workshop resources for other makers. Our stretch goal of $20,000 would give us the $5,000 needed to complete the workshop by paying to install electrical, plumbing and stock it with some great supplies (wood and metal).

While the building is in progress I will finalize my prototypes and do a short run of production allowing these custom designs to be available at a more manageable price point for a broader audience. One of my goals is "to make beauty necessary and then to make necessity beautiful for all people".

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