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This project was successfully funded on August 16, 2018

Big Pollinator

by Jakob Bokulich


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A kinetic, interactive sculpture - participants are invited to turn geometric, beehive inspired "gears", making art and analogy from machinery and motion. This is a significant upgrade from last year's prototype (Pollinator, BM 2017). It will extend horizontally, creating an increased canopy effect. At approximately 20 feet high, Big Pollinator seems to hover in the air, a machine of flower-like modules spinning in synchronicity. Interior lighting and the shape of the modules create an interplay of lights and shadows between the "flowers", making hexagons appear and disappear, ephemeral patterns suggestive of a beehive.

The sculpture will burn on the playa this year, with spinning gears igniting each other in succession creating a truly unique effect. 


Big Pollinator is about interconnectedness. People, weather patterns, animals, plants, the planet. We are all connected, like gears in a machine, or bees in a colony. We are part of the same organism.


The piece is made of birch plywood modules (we call them flowers) which interact with each other like gears. Participants below the sculpture turn the central shaft, which spins all the flowers in synchronicity. The entire piece is held together by a steel armature and bearings. The sculpture will have approximately 800 LED light modules mounted inside of the individual "flowers". Like last year (Night Pollinator BM2017 ), these will create beautifully complex patterns of light and shadow as the flowers turn, illuminating and obscuring the positive and negative spaces of the structure. In addition to last year's lighting plan, we will control the colors and patterns of the lights. If funds allow, projectors will be mounted on the periphery of the sculpture to occasionally project a visual narrative of planetary interconnectedness. Micro to macro, humans, animals, cultures, weather, plants, elements, etc.

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For over 20 years, Jakob Bokulich has been working in the areas of painting, conceptual art, acting, filmmaking, writing, set design, and recently, kinetics. This sculpture comes from a vision he once had at Burning Man years ago. His upbringing as an auto mechanic’s son certainly served to inspire this piece, and in the process, he worked with renowned artist Chuck Hoberman and Matt Davis gaining knowledge in creating kinetic sculptures. Jakob is from Santa Cruz, California, but left to Europe when he was 17 with the goal of beginning his life as an artist. He lived there as a painter for 4 years, showed in various galleries, and immersed himself in Europe's vast culture of art.

Returning to California, he worked on Cellspace, the Creamery, and the Artship in the Bay Area. After some time in Los Angeles, he moved to New York and renewed his passion for creating art that is meaningful, focusing on his painting and the Big Pollinator sculpture.

Jakob has previously worked on other Burning Man sculptures, most notably the Bliss Project with Marco Cochrane. Bokulich and Cochrane have a history of collaborating on art projects since the nineties in Santa Cruz, when they had art studios next to each other in the same complex. He also worked on Heartfullness by Katy Boynton.

We have a great, experienced crew that has worked on many playa favorites such as:

Bliss Dance ,Truth is BeautyR-EvolutionHeartfullnessSonic RunwayEternal ReturnCharonHomouroborosTree of TenereDisc-Go-SphereFireball Shooting Gallery, Pa'hao'aho, BE ARTDPWEternal Return, Kino Palua


Marco CochraneMatt DavisAl StahlerKaty BoyntonStocky Stockhausen, Zack Whitaker, Ziggy Drozdowski, Ron Vidal, Kahai Sumida Tate 


As one could imagine, this year’s super scaled up version requires a lot more funding - building materials, build/fabrication space, lighting, burn prep, etc...

Burning Man has already been so generous to give us an Honorarium Grant of $12,500, but we’ll need to raise about two-thirds more.

Other Ways to Contribute

Here’s how you can help today:

Share this campaign on your social channels to help us drive awareness. Volunteer!  We could use your help in assembling the project at American Steel in Oakland, or on Playa as part of the burn watch or LNT after the burn. Please contact us at:

Your support can help make this possible! 

Project Cost Breakdown

Build Supplies ($28,450)

Build Space/Fabrication ($5,000)

Lighting/Burn Supplies ($4,200)

Logistics ($4,350)

On-Playa Supplies ($6,000)

Minus Honorarium ($12,500)

= FUNDS TO RAISE  $35,500





Engraved Flask


Big Getaway in Guerneville, Sonoma, CA


Al’s Plasma Popper (only available here)


Sample of Jakob’s Artwork