BEYOND THE BADGE (Docudrama film)



"BEYOND THE BADGE" will be a docudrama film about bringing awareness to police brutality and both sides of the badge."BEYOND THE BADGE", will also be a visual statement in bringing awareness to the ongoing police intolerable violence and misconduct throughout the United States. All cops are not bad. Therefore, we are showing both sides of the badge. 

The history of "BEYOND THE BADGE" originally derived in the heart of Downtown Baltimore in Maryland. "BEYOND THE BADGE" started in Downtown Baltimore where the riots took place in 2015. J. Lee & H. Rice Entertainment are taking on this particular project to make awareness of police brutality and racism.  J. Lee & H. Rice Entertainment are taking that step forward to present what goes on, "BEYOND THE BADGE", from the youth to the police themselves.

The concept of "BEYOND THE BADGE" is to construct recent police brutality, racism and what goes on beyond being a policeman. The thematic element of "BEYOND THE BADGE" are the different cases that are brought to the public's eye in defense of the victim. Most of these cases involve victims who were innocent adolescents, as well as innocent adults. These victims fell in the wrongful hands of police brutality, that was not deserved. With their life being lost, these cases go cold and no retribution taken.

The literal execution of "BEYOND THE BADGE" will be in perspective from bystanders, youth, councilmen,  and policeman. Then, "BEYOND THE BADGE" will be recorded into a docudrama. This particular docudrama will consist of some cold, recent and active cases. 

J. Lee & H. Rice Entertainment are asking for a minimum of  $2,500 to fund our  "BEYOND THE BADGE" project. The funds will be used towards some travel expenses, production, and post-production of the docudrama. J. Lee & H. Rice Entertainment would also like to thank all and future supporters for our project and look forward to producing this excellent docudrama.