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This project was successfully funded on June 23, 2013

Beijing LGBT Chorus Workshop

by Eric Lane Barnes


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  • Posted August 08, 2013
    Hello All -
    I am about halfway through the video I'm piecing together from my wonderful time in Beijing with the Shining Jazzy Chorus. Since returning from Beijing I've been in regular communication with the folks in Beijing. Yesterday we had a conference call with John Quillin in North Carolina who is helping the SJC work on figuring out new revenue streams to help fund their concerts. The plan is underway to see how we can get 12 of the members of the Shining Jazzy Chorus to the GALA Festival in 2016 in Denver. This will be a life-changing event for these folks. More as this story develops. I will post the video here for you as soon as it is finished.
  • Posted July 12, 2013
    For those of you who haven't been able to follow my updates on Facebook here is a smattering of photos from my trip to Beijing. There aren't any performance or rehearsal photos as I was performing and rehearsing during those times and couldn't take photos. But Tu Hui videotaped everything - this is the video that will be forthcoming once I've compiled and edited it for you.
  • Posted July 12, 2013
    The Shining Jazzy Chorus meets with Ambassador Gary Locke in Beijing. A very thrilling moment for us all.
  • Posted June 11, 2013
    We have funded! Hooray! Thanks, everyone. We are all very excited about this project. The members and directors of the Shining Jazzy Chorus and I are getting down to brass tacks, planning what we will be covering in the rehearsals and retreat.
  • Posted June 05, 2013
    Great work, folks! We are currently at 81%. The guys in Beijing are very excited about this project. Thank you all for your help - let's keep it up!
  • Posted June 04, 2013
    Hello all! An anonymous donor from GALA Choruses has offered to match funds if we raise $800.00 by Monday June 17. This is an excellent time to send the link to this project to friends and let them know their donated dollars will go twice as far. Let's keep the momentum going! Don't let the Shiny Jazzy Chorus down!
  • Posted May 31, 2013
    22 days left until the Beijing LGBT Chorus Workshop! Here are some new developments:
    1) The Shining Jazzy Chorus has scheduled the performance for June 30. There will also be a silent auction and raffle to help raise funds for the chorus' continuing outreach work.
    2) I have an appointment on July 2 at the American Embassy with Ambassador Gary Locke. I will be talking with him about the art and culture in China, and how we might help bring more awareness to the Shining Jazzy Chorus.

    This project is only 42% funded as of today (5/31/13) If the whole amount is not raised the trip will not fund at all, meaning I will not be able to go to Beijing and the workshop will not happen. There are two things you can do:
    1) Contribute what you can. Every amount helps.
    2) Forward the link to this project to anyone you think might be interested in helping, and include a personal note.

    I am very excited to be (hopefully) part of this tremendous social and cultural movement. Please help it happen!
  • Posted May 06, 2013
    The folks in the Shining Jazzy Chorus are very excited that this is happening. Here is a note from Roy, in the chorus: "We're so excited that the project already raised 26% in such a short time. We great appreciate your interest and kindness for helping a young LGBT choir. Your generous offering thrills us a lot, especially when we're strangers to you on the other side of the earth. We hope this project would became a good start of the communication of LGBT choirs between U.S. and China."

    Please keep the momentum up! Share this link with people who might be moved to contribute to this project. Thanks!
  • Posted May 04, 2013
    Wow! 26% funded in just one day! I'm blown away by the support people are showing for this project. Don't stop now!

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    • June 07, 2013 Eric Lane Barnes Artist

      Hooray! We made our goal! If you would still like to contribute, please feel free. My over-funding plan was to give a donation to the Jazzy Shining Chorus, and to start an account for a return trip to Beijing in 2015, when I will bring a camera crew with me. Thank you all so much!

    • June 04, 2013 Eric Lane Barnes Artist

      If we raise $800 from now through June 17 an anonymous donor from GALA Choruses has generously offered to match funds. You donation can do double duty! Help this project fly - don't let the Shining Jazzy Chorus down!

    • May 18, 2013 Eric Lane Barnes Artist

      Dear supporters: Thank you! I will be contacting you all VERY soon. I'm in the throes of putting up a brand-new show with Captain Smartypants, and helping to birth the summer show with Seattle Men's Chorus and 5th Avenue Theater. As soon as 'Tales From the Pants' goes up I'll send you all an update. Thanks again!

    • May 03, 2013 Eric Lane Barnes Artist

      Yowza! Thanks for all the likes and donations, folks!