• Posted November 16, 2013
    Our crowdfunding campaign has come to an end and we've raised an amazing $53,518!!! Projects like BALLET 422 don't happen without the generosity and enthusiasm of people like you. It has been amazing to feel all the support and watch the campaign grow over the past five weeks. Thank you for all that you've done. We can't wait to finish the film and share it with you all, and we'll continue to keep you posted about the film's progress.
    With much gratitude,
    Ellen Bar and New York City Ballet
  • Posted November 12, 2013
    Thanks to all your support we've reached almost half of our total goal of $62,800! But there are only 3 days left in the campaign so there's no time to lose. Please forward the campaign to friends, and post on Facebook and Twitter - every share brings us closer to the finish line. We are so grateful to have you on board with us and can't wait for you to see the finished film!
  • Posted October 27, 2013
    Thank you to all our Ballet 422 supporters - because of your generous donations and tireless outreach we've reached our minimum goal of $20,000 for post production costs! But there is still work to be done to reach our total goal. Every dollar from now on will help us master and license the film for every type of distribution and compensate the artists involved. You've seen firsthand how you can make a difference - please continue to reach out to like-minded friends and share the experience with them. Gifts are tax-deductible and come with amazing perks like your name in the credits, signed pointe shoes, screening tickets and access to working rehearsals at New York City Ballet. Every share brings us one step closer to fully funding this project!
  • Posted October 24, 2013
    Thanks to you and all your hard work spreading the word, we've made it to 69% of our goal! But we still have to get across the finish line. Our supporters make the greatest ambassadors for the film, and every share, whether it's a personal email to a select group of friends, or a post on Facebook or Twitter, gets us that much closer to the goal. Don't forget to mention the great perks - like access to NYCB rehearsals, signed pointe shoes, and DVDs - that come with each donation. Thank you for being a part of this - we can't wait to share the finished film with you and with the world!
  • Posted October 15, 2013
    Thanks to our amazing supporters, we've made it to 32% of our goal! But we still have a lot of work to do to reach our goal of $20,000 for post production costs. Please share the link on your social media platforms, or send a personal note to some friends who might be as excited about this as you are - every share makes a huge difference and brings us one step closer to sharing the film with you!

From first rehearsal to world premiere, BALLET 422 takes us backstage at New York City Ballet as choreographer Justin Peck crafts a new work