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This project was successfully funded on March 13, 2018

BAD REP a 'season of social justice' to resist is fine but... 2CREATE SUBLIME!



to resist is fine but... 2-CREATE SUBLIME!!

For the last two decades, BAD REP was the New York theater company you never wanted to meet in a rumble. This year, as a natural evolution, we present a ’season of social justice. Our attempt to move to find solutions built on civil discourse with empathy and respect for our neighbors, our families, and our planet.

Our plan is not simple. It's an ambitious, multi-event, multi-discipline, multi-everything roster of projects — some of which have been years since the making. And now is the Season! With an underlying message of hope in unity, we believe that our work can inspire audiences to stand for the common good.

We need you to support this grand company of talented and committed artists.

Project 1. AIRTIME

This is the project we've been preparing for all of our lives. With funding, Bad Rep Artistic Director Pamela Enz begins shooting a hybrid feature film, starring Anita Durst as a heroine whose heart has been blown apart by history.

AIRTIME is bookended by two demonstrations -- one occurring in 1968, another in 1988 -- both set up to highlight the problems of homelessness, and the startling fact that in 2017 one in seven children in America is homeless.

This film allows us to walk into history using video and photos from the archives of social activist artist Clayton Patterson, manipulated by the artful projections of Julie Petrusak.

Ray Paret who has been instrumental in many areas of the entertainment business for over forty-five years is our Musical Supervisor.

AIRTIME is a film borne of great serendipity. Patterson's rich archive of decades of still photos and revolutionary video, manipulated by projection software, will allow us to produce a full-length experimental film on a budget. We can use the projector as a light source that quickly and seamlessly changes colors, textures, and angles, granting us endless possibilities for creative lighting that both influences mood and emotional shifts in our story.

We're excited to use projection to create an interactive environment that stimulates improvisation. Rather than adding additional footage during editing, using projection allows the creative team to experiment and collaborate on how the images are presented -- editing on the spot creatively without extra costs.

With the software, there is no need to re-create history. Instead, our protagonists will bring the viewer with them as they walk into those moments when history actually occurred. Our simultaneous narratives can be projected against the images of the real upheaval of the late 60s and into Alphabet City circa 1988.

History is not cyclical. What goes around does not come around. We believe that there has always been two sides: One that desecrates life and one that honors it in all its forms.

From the bottom of our ragged hearts we ask you to become part of our Bad Rep family and with us attempt to hold a light unto darkness with love, humor, and righteous determination.

Joining with you will be our enthusiastic roster of talent including

Austin Pendleton, Julie Atlas Muz, Jacqueline Jonée Caleb Donohue, Bob Jaffe, Michael Pantozzi, George Olesky, Peter Collier SURGE, Annette Benda Fox, Molly Collier, Paul Menga & spectacular design team: Christopher Trujillo & Matthew Aquilone


A March 2018 production at Theater for the New City NYC, starring Austin Pendleton, Julie Atlas Muz, Peter Collier, and Anita Durst.

Set in NYC 1977, a rag tag band of accidental outlaws at war with their pasts explodes with the altered state that love in its most extreme form engenders -- an intoxication that is as mind-altering as any pharmaceutical.

The play begins just at the time of “Just say NO!” moralizing is born. The drug-dealing backdrop is primarily used to start the action at the heightened, open-hearted state that copious cocaine intake engenders, much like a playwright would set a play in a bar. The characters in “Girls & Desperadoes are all excavating wounds, trying to stay afloat while swimming through grief.

If it seems like a long time ago, it shouldn't. In America, there is a cascading heroin epidemic, and the children of upper and middle-class Americans are dying in huge numbers. There is also a movement condemning the punitive approach toward drug-addicted people as unsuccessful and damaging. Empathy and dealing with earlier trauma in these people’s lives seems to help so much more.

Bad Rep hopes to start a conversation about the addicts we already know -- our neighbors, our sons, our daughters, our friends -- with the belief that moving beyond stereotypes fosters an appreciation of common humanity.

We are hoping to band together with several youth organizations to ourselves learn more about the ‘school to prison pipeline’  and with them to create a series of Bicycle Flash Mob events to help foster understanding and compassion across communities in support of all of our children.

Project 3. POP-UPS

Our SALON SERIES: pairs unexpected combinations of mediums and artists at differing stages in their careers. It's a way we reach out to the community to find nascent talent to support.

This year we ask community producers to focus on issues that directly affect their own neighbors. Yes, and that includes YOU!!

A Salon Series event we are proud of is “Words Without Borders” an afternoon when novelist Marianne Wiggins and playwright Keith Reddin performed onstage with Kimberly Robinson, a pregnant teen poet discovered in a column Jimmy Breslin wrote about Ms. Robinson when the father of her unborn baby was shot and killed.

It gave BAD REP great joy to present these adventurous writers with checks provided by Poets&Writers but especially Ms. Robinson, as it was an affirmation of this young artist's talent and encouragement to continue despite her difficult situation.

‘son of a nobody’ the title collage of another BAD REP show was based on the 4th century Persian Rahman Baba’s poem that concluded that for centuries blood has wet the Earth as men killed solely to become famous. Created in response to the Newtown shootings it was exhibited in conjunction with Aimee Lutkin condensed dramatization of ‘The Little Princess ‘ whose story is a comment on war and what it does not only to young men on the front lines fighting but to those at home who lose those soldiers they love.

In this our ‘season of social justice’  we plant new seeds, open minds, and expand hearts. Aspiring with your help to build on our earliest days, when we hoped simply to do interesting work, to stimulate conversation, curiosity, and civic engagement through art.

DONATE just a few bucks and you'll be invited to a whole season!    As benefactor, creative participant and/or involved audience member.

                        Please help spread the word!

Thank you!

BAD REP creative team